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Welcome to Glorantha
Glorantha is a world of Myth and Magic where Man lives side-by-side with Uz, Mostali, Aldyra, Drulz and other stranger races. This is a world where the storm-worshipping hill men war incessantly with the sun-worshipping lowlanders and Gods, Demons and creatures from the Void stalk the lands and Heroes battle to save their people and for the glory of their gods.

What role will your Hero play in the wars to come?

What is Glorantha?
Glorantha is a fantasy world that is the setting for the new ďHero WarsĒ role-playing game system. The older Rune Quest game system was also based on the world of Glorantha.

This internet site is a collection of tales, descriptions, myths and resources for playing in Glorantha. Within these electronics scrolls you will find information on different regions of the world, people in those regions and the gods that are worshiped. You will be able to read the stories of other peopleís games in Glorantha and meet their characters and you will be able to find ideas to add to your games. When you wish, you can send me your information, stories and myths and I will post them here for other people to enjoy.

I wish you luck with your gaming and hope that you find this site useful. Please send me your comments and feedback as that is the only way that this site will get better.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you are ever in the area of Anaxialís Landing and Water Street in Yuthuppa drop me a line. Iíll by you a flagon of wine in Hyorummiís Floating Inn.

The Spike
The Spike was the centre of the universe during the Golden Age. As such everything began at the Spike and from there the gods could look out upon the world of Glorantha. Today, the only way to gain the same vision is to peer out from Pole Starís Vantage.

Pole Starís Vantage
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June 23, 2000

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