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Uzuz - The Mistress Trolls

A cultural keyword for HeroQuest and Hero Wars.

The Mistress trolls are the revered mothers of the uz. They are an ancient breed, pre-dating history. Uzuz are usually large creatures (2.5 - 2.7m tall) and very intelligent. They are rare creatures with very poor eyesight - they can generally tell when there is light or dark - but advanced darksense.

Innate Abilities: Acute darksense 12w, Bite and Claw, Digest anything 5w, [local Uz land] Geography, Endure cold 12w2, Hungry 17w, Know ancestry 15w, Knowledge of Uz-home, Large 5w, Move silently 12, Resist poison, Strong 5w, Uz customs, Uz myths
Innate Disadvantages: Hate light, Vestigial eyesight 1w, -20 to all abilities in sunlight*.
Typical Personality Traits: Authoritative (if female), Respectful of females (if male)
Typical Relationships: to Clan, to Family, to Followers, to Kyger Litor, to Mother, to Tribe
Magic: See Uz:ToG pg 24.

UzUz are very rare in historical times and tend to have large followings - whether they want one or not. Bodyguards assigned by the clan or tribe and apprentices, priests and other hanger-ons are drawn to their majesty.

* Per HeroQuest pg 218.

Sources: Anaxial's Roster, pg 166; HeroQuest, pg 218; Uz: the Trolls of Glorantha (Uz:ToG), all of it. In reverse order.




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