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View the official errata and faq for HeroQuest.

The Gloranthan glossary is here.

This section of my web site has been designed to help people play in Glorantha. I have descriptions of how to make a Hero Wars character, sample occupational keywords and some cultural keywords.

Please let me know if you would like something posted here or if you have a question about Glorantha and Hero Wars that I can answer. If there are any other samples characters you would like to see please let me know.


House Rules

Occupational Keywords
RuneQuest to Hero Wars Conversion

Sample Characters


The Katchari Blades The Knights of St. Trymir

Adventures in Glorantha:

Lord Varios' Party

The Ruins of Belsoketh

Join discussions on Glorantha at:

Glorantha Digest

- Discussions on the World of Glorantha
HeroQuest/Hero Wars RPG Digest - Role-playing in HeroQuest
HeroQuest/Hero Wars Rules Digest - Interpreting the rules of HeroQuest

Glorantha Fonts:

Dara Happa Sacred Alphabet - by Wesley Quadros
HeroQuest Core Runes Font
Hero Wars Core Runes

Hero Wars Runes
Hero Wars Vithelan Runes

Rune Quest Runes - by Oliver Jovanovic





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