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Katchari Swordsman
An occupational keyword

- by Wesley Quadros
January 20, 2004

The Katchari Sword
The Katchari Sword is an enchanted blade carried by every Swordsman of Katchar. The hilt is distinctive and easily recognised. A Swordsman always knows where his sword is. As a swordsman gains in power, he often adds to his blade.

Typical enchantments include (start at same level as the magical keyword):
Ebony Flame, Fillet Troll, Standfast, Strike them All, Unseen Blade


You are a graduate of Katchar's Ebon Academy in Katchari. You are an elite swordsman, eager to test your skill and your blade against anything and anyone. You trained for at least 5 years to get your own Blade and now you have it. Your body has been hardened by rigorous exercise; your mind sharpened by constant testing; and your spirit forged into an extension of your will.


Requirements: Be accepted into the Academy or be trained by a Bladesman.
Abilities: Assess quality of blade, Calm mind, Evaluate foe, Teach swordsman, chose 2 sword or knife fighting abilities
Typical Personality: Apolitical, Fearless
Relationships: to other swordsmen, to instructor
Magic: Any applicable cult. Most Ebon Academy graduates worship Katchar the Ebon Blade.
Equipment: A Katchari Sword, a Katchari Gauntlet, leather tunic, dagger, travelling clothes and gear.




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23 January 2004