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The Katchari Blades
"The old world has been conquered, now we will test ourselves in the new."

Many tried to Katchar the Ebony Sword, but he wouldn't have it until he accepted an apprentice - known only as Prime. When Prime was finished his apprenticeship, Katchar built a forge and made a magnificent blade for him. In time, Katchar took more apprentices as did Prime and a swordsmanship academy grew into being.

That was the beginning of the famous Blades of Katchar, a band of master swordsmen who fight, not for treasure, but to expand their skill. The size of the Blades is unknown. During the Generations of War, while Carmania battled Dara Happa, a Legion of Katchar appears in the annals, fighting for each of them at different times. Usually, a Katchari swordsman is found on his own, preparing to tackle some impossible task with only his sword and a few friends.

Common Name: The Katchari Blades
Form:. A brotherhood of elite swordsmen
Typical Homeland: Dara Happan, Lunar, Pelandan or any other accepted.
Cultural Context: A brotherhood of elite swordsmen.
Ideology: "I can do better."
Look and Feel: Free-ranging swordsmen and adventurers ready to undertake any challenge.
Purpose: To support the members in the development and application of their sword fighting abilities.
Headquarters: The Ebon Academy in Katchar.
Reactions: The Blades are well known and respected in Katchar and most of Pelanda. Further from home they are less recognised. Some members of the Harrek Twist see the Blades as competitors and seek them out.

Leader: Prime is the ranking Ebon Blade, or disciple of the cult - with rankings determined by duels on the holy days. The current Prime is a small man with whip-like reflexes who rights with a sabre.
Renowned Members: AgeulGor has amassed an impressive string of kills in the arenas in Glamour and is probably the best known Blade in the Empire. Kadisheth is the Master Smith of the Blades and has forged swords for several generals in the Imperial Bodyguard. Neoskandar is a hulking hazar from southern Carmania - he is famed for the ferocity of his greatsword attacks.
Total Membership: Probably around 100 or 200 Bladesmen and a like number of Journeymen.
Other Contacts: The Katchari Blades are apolitical but there are graduates of the Academy found all across the Empire who tend to aid a member in need.

The Katchari Blades are structured on a merit system with one's place in the hierarchy determined through duelling with other brothers. The only person many Blades accept orders from is Prime though more highly skilled brothers are accorded the respect that they have earned.

Membership Keyword
Membership Requirements: Pass your apprenticeship in the Academy or with a Bladesman and initiate or devotee yourself to Katchar the Ebony Blade.
Skills Taught: Evaluate Foe, Sword Fighting, Sword and Gauntlet Fighting
Typical Personality Traits: Apolitical, Brave
Magic: All members must worship Katchar the Ebony Blade.

The Ebon Sword (Guardian)
The Ebon Sword is said to be Katchar's own sword, left behind when he passed onto the Hero Planes. Inhabiting the sword is the Blades' guardian spirit who manifests as a warming of the members' sword hilts. The Ebon Sword provides its blessings as long as a member keeps to the requirements and attends the High Holy Day ceremonies

Method: Emanation
Form: A black sword embedded in the altar of the temple.
Communication: Group contact. The hilts of members' swords heats when the Ebon Sword is manifesting its power.
Guardian Requirements: Never turn down a reasonable challenge, attend the holy day ceremonies at the Ebon Academy.
Awareness: Sense Foe's Weakness 1w
Blessing: +5 to any Sword Fighting ability
Defence: Slap Aside Missile 20

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