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House Rules

Here is a collection of house rules that I have heard about. Some I use, some I don't. I've playtested most of them. Some rules are only applicable to HeroWars - a blue note will show you where a rule does not apply to HeroQuest.

Have your own house rules? Send them to me and I will put them up here.

Automatic Augmentation

Every 10 points of an augmenting skill grants a +1 augment or +2 edge.
[This rule is obsolete in HeroQuest.]

Feat Improvisation (from comments made by Wulf on the hw-rules digest)

A devotee modifying a known feat is assessed a -5 penalty each time he changes one word of the Feat. So changing 'Mile Javelin Throw' to 'Mile Axe Throw' is -5, 'Mile Arrow Shot' is -10.


A Follower's abilities are based on the average of the character's top 5 abilities.
[This rule is obsolete in HeroQuest but we continue to use it in the Gwandor Campaign.]


Grimoires cost the same as an Affinity to raise (3HP is used, 6HP otherwise).
[This rule is obsolete in HeroQuest.]

Plot Points

Any use of a plot point to 'bump' a dice roll must be declared before the die is rolled.

Ranged Combat

There are two, seperate, types of ranged combat. Mechanical and Thrown. Mechanical includes archery of any sort. Thrown includes javelines, daggers, hatchets, rocks, rotten eggs etc. I usually notate them as Archery and Ranged Combat (Javelin). I feal that these abilities are seperate and distinct traits.
[This rule is obsolete in HeroQuest.]


Ride is an enabling skill. This means that you must have it to use any ability from the back of a horse (or other animal). This also means that any ability used while mounted is limited by Ride.

Example: You have Archery 18w and Ride 2w. While mounted your Archery is limited to 2w.



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