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Wicca Red-Eye
Having hunted his homeland of Sylila and the lands of Vanch and Darsen, Wicca Red-Eye has now settled in Joranit where he works as a wilderness guide for the North-traders. Subject to intense bouts of seasickness, Wicca uses his Odayling magics to sleep through most voyages - only awakening when it is time to go ashore. Built like the bears that he worships, Wicca carries an ancient hunting bow, taller than most men, but only just shorter than himself and he is a fearsome adversary striking with blinding speed and ignoring most hurts. His stamina allows him to out drink most people. [101]
Homeland: Sylila 17
Occupation: Hunter 17
Magic: UrruYoo - Black Moon Bear 17
Common Magic: 17
Twinned axe fighting .
Geography of Sylila .
Know local area +11
Rural survival skills .
Sylilan customs .
Mythology of the Moon Bear +11
Archery +8
Butcher .
Dodge .
Hide .
Bow hunting .
Keen senses +1
Know animals .
Know local area +11
Retrace path +4
Skirmish combat .
Track .
Wilderness survival +4
Fishing .
Hunting .
Mythology of Moon Bear +11.
Remain motionless .
Soul sight .
Sprint .
Stealth .
Knowledge of Darsen 13
Knowledge of Vanch 13
Intense seasickness 13
Sleep through water voyage 13
Built like a bear 13
Tall 13
Blinding reflexes 13
Ignore wound 13
Bear's stamina 13
Carouse 13
Know way around Joranit 13
to Family .
to Temple .
to Tribe .
Worship Moon Bear .
~~Moon Bear~~
Initiate of UrruYoo .
Knows many North-traders 13
~~Common Magic~~
Sleepy spirit .
Axe blessing .
Shoot straight .
~~Natural Magic~~
Red-Eye 13
Bear .
Otherworld .
Hunter +1
Fear dragon .
Independant +11
Proud .
Ambitious .
Forthright .
Patient +11
Wily .
~~Moon Bear~~
Fierce .
Patient +11
Fearsome 13
Sidekick: Scruffy 17
Keyword: Hunting dog 17
Help with hunt 15
Bite and claw 1w
Track by smell 18
Wealth & Possessions
Wealth: Common 13
Eagle Flight (An ancient bow) (+3) 13
Twinned axes (+3)
Leather and fur armour (+1)

Twinned axe fighting

* Repetitive mention: +1 for each repetition. local area is in homeland and hunter. Mythology of Moon bear is in homeland and magic. Patient is in hunter and magic.


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