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Russol the Sailor
Born at sea, of a trader and his bed-slave, Russol seems blessed with a preternatural affinity with the sea. Unacknowledged by his father, Russol grew up on the streets of Fishertown and went to sea soon after his 14th birthday. Now fully grown, tall and straight, Russol's face is wind-weathered, his eyes sharp and his body strong from years spent sailing on the White Sea and conquering her storms. Russol has sailed with most of the skippers in Joranit including the Satrap's service where he fought pirates and smugglers. The years have been profitable and he donates heavily to Bethegus.
Homeland: Joranit 17
Occupation: Sailor 17
Magic: Bethegus the Boatman 17
Common Magic: 17
Boating .
Club fighting .
Geography of the White Sea region +1
Joranit customs .
Joranit city politics .
Karasali myths .
Predict weather
Speak Karasali .
Urban survival skills .
Agile .
Climb .
Cutlass fighting +5
Endure weather
Hold drink .
know the White Sea +5
Navigate by the stars .
Sail galley +1
Seamanship +5
Swim .
Tie knots .
~~Bethegus the Boatman~~
Endure weather
Know the Poralistor .
Mythology of Bethegus .
Predict weather
Repair boat .
Soul vision .
Born at sea 13
Brawling 13
Grew up on the streets 13
Know Fishertown inside & out 13
Sharp eyes 13
Strait 13
Strong body 13
Tall 13
Went to sea at 14 13
Wind-weathered face 13
Years spent sailing 13
Happily married .
Employee of the Gersedi .
Worship Solar pantheon .
Generous donor to the temple .
Friend of Captain Jack .
Sailor-friends across Joranit +2
~~Bethegus the Boatman~~
Initiate of Bethegus .
Unacknowledged by father 13
Sailed with many skippers 13
Ex-comrades in the navy 13
Knows many pirates 13
Knows many smugglers 13
~~Common Magic~~
Be warm feat .
Predict weather feat .
Sure grip talen +1
Keep water out spell .
~~Natural Magic~~
Affinity with the sea 13
Boating .
Calm waters .
Fishing .
Adventurous .
Independant .
Loath Birini .
Boisterous .
Superstitious .
Swashbuckling .
~~Bethegus the Boatman~~
Patient .
Generous 13
Wealth & Possessions
Wealth: Prosperous 5w
Cutlass (+3)
Dagger (+1)

Cutlass fighting

* Repetitive mention: +1 for each repetition. Endure weather is in occupational and magic keywords. Predict weather is in homeland and magic keywords.


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