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Bodmodr Black-Face
Bödmóðr Black-Face was once a jolly farmer and respected lawspeaker. Now, the death-sickness lies heavily upon him. Ottbjorg's constant reminders of his death and rebirth have changed him into a brooding, hateful warrior with terrifying single-mindedness: slay those that slew him or die trying - though at times she reduces him to a mewling babe. Bödmóðr is a powerful killer who slew the healer that brought him back. He disdains armour and common sense in his quest for death and vengeance. His self-inflicted scars have meanings that only his demons and his friend Uffa understand. Bödmóðr worships Humakt and collects grisly trophies.
Homeland: Heortling 17
Occupation: Warrior 17
Magic: Humakt 17
Common Magic: nil
Dragon Pass geography 17
Farming 17
Heortling customs 17
Speak Sartari 17
Walk with snowshoes 17
Wilderness survival 17
Spear and shield fighting 17
Endurance 17
Guard camp 17
Know Poljoni tactics 17
Know local area 181
Listen 17
Great sword fighting 17w
Javelin 17
Recognise fighting style 17
Recognise foe 17
Ride 17
Scout 17
Fyrd Mass Combat 17
Dagger fighting 17
Two sword fighting 17
Mythology of Humakt 17
Recognise lie 17
Warband tactics 17
Farmer 13
Know crops and animals
Predict weather
Lawspeaker 13
Know law
Recite law
Battle Rage 13
Deathsickness 13
Strong 15
Strangely loyal to clan 17
Devoted to Hu 17
Reputation: Killer of healers 13
Enmity from all healers 13
Only has one friend: Uffa 13
Death 17
Honour 17
Sword combat 17
Self-inflicted scars 13

Gifts & Geas
+5 Great sword fighting Never use an axe
+5 Great sword fighting only use swords

Hate Chaos 17
Hate Lunars 17
Bloodthirsty 17
Brave 181
Determined 17
Grim 17
Once jolly 13
Once respected , now feared 13
Brooding 13
Hateful 18
Single-minded 13
Dedicated to vengeance 13
Spontaneous crying fits 13
Disdain armour 13
Seeks death 15
Sidekick: Ottbjord
  (Bodmodr's dead wife)
Ghost 17
Induce headache 18
Nag 18
Terrorising yowl 3w
Demons 13
Wealth & Possessions
Grisly trophies 13
Executioner's sword (+5)



1 - Repetitive mention. Brave is in occupation and magic. Know local area is in both warrior and farmer. +1 for each repeat.





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