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Hero Wars uses a unique - in my experience - character generation method. You need to write a 100 word description of your character and the narrator assigns your skills based on what you wrote. To help people see what you can do with this I have created a few characters. Some of them have a step-by-step description of how I assigned their skills to them.


Bevini Kalfsson
Bodmodr Black-Face- a Humakti

Bolthor Vandarlsson
Eorkan Goosetalker
- a merchant
Gormoth Cloudancer - a Dara-Ni shaman
Gutjoral Hjoltisson
Harmast Thrallsson
Hindina Kedrasdottir
Jaros Faradsson
Katla Swiftsword - a warrior woman
Malygris the Lawspeaker
Oranda Sigebryssdottir
Stolti the Fleet
Urakava the Warseer
Varax the Uroxi
Veoslin Olthorsson


Berkut No-Toes - a Darjiini spririt talker
Chegutei Wolf-Brother
- A Char-Un rider
Cypros of Joranit - a merchant
Haz Daurmainy Fak - a Carmanian Hazar
Greshvuketh er Erdhesh - An Alkothi berserk
Grimvurash - Another Alkothi berserk
Russol the Sailor
- A Karasali sailor
Wicca Red-Eye- A Sylilan hunter

The West

Sir Gils the Bear- a Seshnelan Knight
Sir Raymand Ironthews


Grandmother Gerkem- an Uzuz shaman
Torgad Bigbladder - An Uzdo drummer


Malaspina the Magnificent - A Trader Prince

Experienced Characters


Argrath Dragonfriend
Bronwyn Fallenstead
Garthael Flashingblade
Gudny Stormchaser
Kamoar Shadowstalker
Lothar Twinblades
Sigmund Stormsword


Greshvuketh er Erdhesh - an Alkothi berserk
Hadrid the Mysterious - a Tarshite soldier
Kavlos the Lucky - a Tarshite soldier
Maloven - a Tarshite soldier
Verakus - a Tarshite adept

If you have any questions about these characters, or want to see another done, send me an e-mail. I would even be happy to take one of your characters and go through it step-by-step with you.

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8 February, 2004