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HeroQuest Bestiary

All Anaxial's Roster is a great reference for the more common things that you will see while wandering around Glorantha. For some of the less common you need to look here.


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Draugr are undead creatures that have animated their own corpses for some reason: unfinished business, vengeance, hatred all appear to be reasons. External Links: Version 1 | Version 2

Ice Wraith
AKA: Others, Frost Draugr, White Walkers

Called by various names by various peoples, the Ice Wraith is tall and gaunt and hard as old bones with flesh as pale as milk. It has eyes the colour of ice, a deep blue, deeper than any human's eyes. Its armour seems to change colour as it moves and its crystal sword is so thin it disappears when held end-on. Frost forms where they have been and all living things feel their bone-chilling presence.

Cold things, dead things that hate iron & fire & the touch of the sun.

None know for sure where they come from. Are they the spirits of men killed by the cold? Are they spirits from the glacier? Are they exiles from some frozen underworld? The only known facts are that they hate the living, they lay as though dead through the day and they will continue to fight until they have been chopped into pieces - and those peices will continue to fight until they have been chopped into smaller pieces.
Typical Abilities: Sword fighting 10w, Icy aura 15w, Icy grasp 7w, Hard as old bones 19, Hate life 3w, Strong 2w
Typical Equipment: Crystal sword +4, Frozen flesh +3
Flaws Vulnerable to fire 10w

There are rumours that those killed by an ice wraith become wraiths themselves. Whether they are animated corpses, entrapped souls or possessing spirits is unknown. Ice Wraiths will fight until they are utterly destroyed - allow them to bid until they reach -40 AP. Pieces of an Ice Wraith that are hacked off will continue to try to fight if they are able to - hands will grasp, jaws will bite etc. Top

Jajagappan Hellhound
These massive, unearthly dogs are dark, grey or black, with the long legs of a runner. Their eyes glow with an inner fire. Other dogs in their presence are instantly on guard and respectful while humans that see them - or worse, hear their howls - are struck by unreasoned fears.

The hellhound is said to be a part of Jajagappa's own pack sent into the world to enact divine retribution, or left behind after one of Jajagappa's hunts. Dogmasters occasionally summon one to track down a foe or find a missing artefact.
Typical abilities: Bite and claw 2w, Bite spirit 15, Large 18, Lock jaw 17, Run fast 3w, See in darkness 19, Smell spirit 16, Soul sight 18, Tireless, Track by smell 13, Underworld howl 19
Typical Equipment: Tooth and claw +1
Typical innate magical abilities: Breath fire, Burst into flame, Cerberus, Walk in shadows


The Vampyre
Every child is taught that Vivamort is the lord of vampires and that those that worship him become undead monsters that suck the blood from their sacrificial victims. However, those that actually study the lore know that there is more to it than that.

Yes, humans who worship Vivamort gain great and terrible power at horrible cost but they are not the only monster that can be called 'Vampire', for Vivamort is a great demon from the Hells and he has his own servants.

Vampyres are one of these Otherworld servants of Vivamort. These daemons are sent into the Mundane World by Vivamort to spread disorder and death and they can be summoned by those fool-hardy enough to try. Their powers are great: vast strength, great speed, evil cunning and an insidious ability to cloud men's minds. To balance these powers, they have great weaknesses: the sun burns them, certain herbs poison them and they have no power of their own - they must take it from those around them. Vampyre's are intelligent demons, able to assume the appearance of most mortal races and deal with mortals.

Vampyre - a demon from the Underworld
Typical Abilities: Bite and Claw 5w2, Blinding reflexes 17, Cunning 20, Inhuman strength 5w, Seduce 3w
Typical Innate Magical Feats: Fly, Hypnotic Gaze, Ignore Wound, Leaping, Regenerate Damage, Sink into Earth, Take Mortal Appearance
Weaknesses: Allergic to Garlic 5w2, Burn in the Sun 5w2

The blood of a vampyre has several interesting effects on those that drink it: they stop aging and they gain some of the vampyre's strength and speed while it remains in their own blood. The blood of a powerful vampyre may confer even more. By controlling the distribution of this elixir, a vampyre can build a community of loyal followers who would do nearly anything to continue their access.

Silver acts on a vampyre as iron does on a troll; double any bonus from a silver weapon while being used against a vampyre.

A vampyre's ability to regenerate damage will eventually bring it back, even from death, unless it is staked though the heart with a wooden spike, decapitated and burned, preferably in the sun. If a vampyre's body is completely destroyed without having first staked it, then the demon's spirit will reform in the underworld and work to return to this world where it will take up where it left off.Top

Revenant - a lesser demon
Revenants are baser servants of Vivamort. Like vampyres, a revenant is sent, or summoned from the underworlds to spread terror and death among the mortals. Unlike a vampyre, a revenant is little more than a rabid animal. They are consumed by an unsuitable hunger for blood and will kill anything in an attempt to quench their thirst.
Typical Abilities: Bite and Claw 5w, Hate Everything 20, Inhuman strength 20
Typical Innate Magical Feats: Blood Frenzy Berserk, Ignore Wound, Regenerate Damage, Sink into Earth
Weaknesses: Allergic to Garlic 5w2, Burn in the Sun 5w2, Insatiable Hunger 5w

Revenants have the same weakness to silver and the same ability to regenerate damange that a vampyre does.


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