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Mirin's Cross - circa 1348

- by Martin Laurie

The Conquering Daughter's Road enters Mirin's Cross The city of Mirins Cross has changed greatly in the last two years. The huge fortress built on the rock where Mirin fell has been added to considerably. The Empire has sent a great force of engineers to turn the already formidable fortress into a bulwark against the southern barbarians that will withstand anything. The walls atop the rock are being built to forty feet in height and the stone cliffs about it are being smoothed down to give an attacker no purchase or cover.

The huge Daughters road drives straight into the lower part of the fortress through the newly constructed lower bailey gate keep across the Crystal Bridge.

The new outer walls are some 35 ft high and 15 ft thick at their base. They are the boundaries for what will eventually become a large city.

The Fortress has been rebuilt and extended from its old EWF days to be a truly impressive work. Now Mirins Cross serves as the central garrison city for all of lower Saird. The Empire intends to project power into the region with brutal efficiency and is prepared to crush any revolt. So far there have been three Clan risings since 1347. All have been handily defeated.

A new district is being built called Sun City by most Orlanthi. It's a Dara Happan colonial centre. The old Orlanthi have been removed from the inner city and now live in a shanty town some way off from the main action. There many ponder their defeats and the oppression of Lunar power. They long for a chance to rise up and strike for freedom.

Orlanthi Rebels:

Sjorvald Destinsson. Wind Lord (Kogarn Waraxe Orlanth the warrior cult)
Followers: 16

Hathnar Headlong. Wind Lord of Walind the Ram.
Followers: 8

Traigen Grim. Humakti Sword. Hates Lunars after his brothers cowardly death at the hands of the Governor's Ikadzian torturer.
Followers: 6

Werrick Stormhammer. Storm Voice. He is a wanted man and travels incognito within the heart of his enemy's power to gather followers and support for a move south to escape the Empire.
Follower: 2

The most common meeting place for these fellows is "Mans Last Moot" Inn. A renowned pit of fighting, trouble and good food.

The rulers of the City (population 8,000 currently) are:

Governor: Ulranus Dellenian
Military Commander: General Margox Ciceron
Lunar High Priestess: Lorella Glowbrow

The Garrison comprises of:

The Daughters Axe Guard.

Commander :Relf Axechampion
Strength :400
Equipment :Greataxe & Chain
Quality :Elite (75%)
Magic :Good

:Formed from Ingkot's clans, mostly they are huscarls and mercenaries who served with him during the wars, they are loyal to his memory and his wife.

The Jasper Phalanx.

Commander :Lochagos Nirimus
Strength :1200
Equipment :Spear, hoplite shield, partial heavy armour.
Quality :Elite (75%)
Magic :Good

:Famous for fighting in tight shield walls and for their tortoise spell making them invulnerable to most attacks.

The Redhelm Peltasts.

Commander :Tribune Meriarch
Strength :800
Equipment :Spear, target, light armour, javelins.
Quality :Good (60%)
Magic :Poor

:Recruited from the poor of teeming Glamour, this is a showcase Lunar Unit, designed to compete with the Tripoli's specialist in light troops, giving the Empire an independence from them.

The Oslir Southern Marines.

Commander :Marinarch Jesserius Yraxus
Strength :400
Equipment :Spear, target, light armour, javelins.
Quality :Good (60%)
Magic :Average

:A river regiment brought in to enforce Lunar law on the river an to serve as the core of the new upper Oslir River squadron being built in Mirins Cross' docks.

The Mirins Cross Foot Guard.

Commander :Ulranus Dellenian
Strength :400 Regular, up to 600 milita in one day of call up.
Equipment :Spear, Sword, Shield, Ringmail.
Quality :Average to poor (50%-40%)
Magic :Very poor

:Serve under the Governor of the city and act as the city's police force as well as the Governor's guard. The regulars in the unit are mostly punishment detail troops assigned to the regiment to serve out their dishonourable sentences.

Other units

There are 200 Pentians of Hetman Huluruks band serving as mercenaries.

There are 200 Orlanthi Auxiliaries, prisoners freed by a vow to Danfive Xaron for service with the Empire.


September 11, 2000

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