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The Mitchuinn Tribe - circa 1348

- by Martin Laurie


Born 1301, Mitchuinn was a Vervoni Clansman from the Huryandaring Tribe in the Dara-Ni confederation. His father, Korlok Ironshield, was a weaponthane who, in 1314, joined in the desperate downriver quest to raise the Tripolis against the Empire. The plan was to save the Kingdom from encirclement by the Hwarin Dalthippa. When faced by deadly moon magics the small group of Orlanthi and Dara Happans were handily defeated and driven off with great loss.

Korlok was killed in the raid, fighting lunar demons to let his friends escape their clutches. Mitchuinn mourned his loss and swore vengeance on the Empire. When he was 14 Mitchuinn went to war and raided the Sylilans sorely. Even at that age his ferocity and relentlessness were noted.

In 1318 The Dara-Ni bowed before the threat of heavy invasion from the Sylilan army, a fight they couldn't hope to win. Many brave clansmen were outlawed by their chiefs, with a heavy heart, to save the rest. The Dara-Ni city dwellers escaped punishment but to compensate the blow fell heaviest on the traditional Clans. The Vervoni were almost destroyed by other clans and lunar carpetbaggers seizing their lands. The survivors fled south into Saird.

Mitchuinn fought long against the Empire, leading many raids and causing great destuction. By 1324 his standing and wealth had grown sufficient for him to create his own clan. In 1329 the Mitchuinn clan joined the warlike Cynnelfing Alliance which was formed and lead by the hero Gwythar Longwise from his great fortress; Cynnelfing (meaning Black Spur), on the juncture between the Oslir and the Black Eel rivers at Mirins Cross, once an old Dara Happan colonial town.

Longwise was a canny campaigner and knew that the key to Lunar strength was the Hwarin Dalthippas grip on the Oslir. In 1330, backed by many displaced river folk and angry spirits, Gwythar led a powerful invasion of Sylila, crossing Aggar.

The Lunar army that was sent to meet them was smashed. Only the defending lunar river spirits prevented a further rout taking the avenging army to the gates of Jillaro. Mitchuinn and his clan took much booty that day and was rewarded for their intervention against the Char-un as they tried desperately to ride down Gwythar and his household.

For the next three years the Cynnelfing Alliance warred upon Sylila, sometumes victorious, sometimes not. Wherever the fighting was at its fiercest, Mitchuinn was at the forefront. He earned the name Moonhater after killing Noromorax the Impaler, a renowned Warrior- Priest of the Red Moon in an epic battle of sword against sorcery.

In 1333 Phirmax, son of Hwarin and Ingkot was killed by a raiding party led by Bold Vareleus, the River Folk king and many of the more warlike Cynnelfing. Mitchuinn was on that raid and slew many of Phirmaxs' glittering bodyguard as they tried to save their Prince and hold the bridge against the raiders. When Phirmax fell to Gwythar Longwise Mitchuinn cut the ring finger off the dead Prince and captured the young mans birth ring, a gift from his father for the summoning of war winds. Mitchuinn wears it still.

Though the raid was a success in many ways, it brought the attentions of the Conquering Daughter fully upon the Cynnelfing Alliance. A great military build-up tempered the raids and Sylilan strength grew to great proportions thanks to the Conquering Daughters thirst for vengence.

In 1347 she set out, 14 years after her sons death. She proved unstoppable and Gwythar Longwise was unable to prevent her creating a magical bridge of crystallised water right into his fortress and when he stood against her in person he was defeated and bound in place as an eternal guardian of the bridge, to forestall any raids into the Empire.

The Mitchuinn were driven south in the fighting, giving up much but being joined by many other clans and refugee bloodlines. By the time they made the decision to cross the Deathline with pursuing tribes not far behind, they were a strong warband with many head of cattle.

Before he crossed the deathline, Mitchuinn looked north and swore with a mighty oath, an oath followed by his children, that he would "Lead his kin to war and plunder though wounds lay me low, magics smite me down and death claim me. As long as a Mitchuinn lives the Empire will know no respite!"

In 1348 the Mitchuinn crossed the Deathline. They first encountered the powerful Breagalos Clan which had grown rich and fat exacting shameful tribute from the refugees flooding south from the Daughter's War. Their Chief; Breagal, attempted to do likewise with the Mitchuinn but Bork Mitchuinnsson, a brash Humakti, laughed in Breagal the Greedys face and swords were drawn.

The Mitchuinn were a War Clan of hard men led by a mighty warrior and his kin, all of whom were great weaponthanes. Though outnumbered two to one by the Breagalos they proved triumphant. Mitchuinn cut his way through the defending Huscarls and slew Breagal, fine armour and all. The Mitchuinnssons proved their blood by their terrifying battle zeal that left a score dead at their hands.

The Breagalos were defeated and their lands taken. Though many Breagalos joined the new Mitchuinn tribe and kept their possessions their chief was appointed by Mitchuinn and a tribute was laid upon them.

Though Mitchuinn was warlike he was no fool and knew that to wage his war on the Empire he would need great strength. Determined to be a King and to expand his resources he gave his followers the right to form new clans. Four of them took up his offer and set off to achieve their Chief Tests.

His sons and one daughter became members of the new Tribal Council though many tribesmen grumbled that the Mitchuinnssons were too reckless and irresponsible for such high position at a young age.

However, Mitchuinn ignored their surly words and sent his three oldest and most unruly sons; Bork, Gunnar and Branic to scout the new lands, make friends, defeat foes and define Mitchuinn borders.

On their journeys Bork, who took the role of leader, him being eldest and most loud- mouthed, brought many free farmers into the tribe but his ambition was baulked by first contact with the Mellmuri.

The Mellmuri, a refugee tribe too, had pushed on, deep into the Tarsh to escape clan and Lunar troubles after moving in stages all the way from Dara-Ni. They were lead by a brutal, callous man known as Mellmur Thrallsbane, who rejoiced in fine food and beers but cared little for human suffering.

The Death of Mitchuinn

Seeing that the Empire was always strong in spirit and hence in war, Mitchuinn resolved to follow the path of his God and Hero. He prepared himself with the rites of Vingkot. He heard his heros words of wisdom and summoned great magics to him, bending them to his purpose.

He told no one among his folk for the rites of Vingkot forbade it and when ready he set off into the Empire. He used his contacts to pose as a guard moving from Filichet to Mirins Cross where he confronted the Conquering Daughter as she came to enforce her will on the local clans. With the aid of his magics and the ring of Phirmax, Mitchuinn flew to the Heroquest path of the Daughters road. There he summoned a mighty thunderbolt from the clouds which cracked the road and opened its magics to allow more warriors to fly onto the upper level where Hwarin marched with her elite Roadwarriors and personal guard.

Mitchuinn, painted in woad and shielded by great magics, struck through the bodyguard, taking down warriors left and right. Defending his grandmother, Farimax Phirmaxsson leapt to her defence but Mitchuinn cut him in half, powered as he was by the strength of Orlanth. Hwarin, grief-stricken attacked him then in her rage but he met her with his own, greater wrath and struck back, bearing her to the ground with the power of his blows. Such was his heroism that day, such was the strength of Vinhkot within him, that the lunar heroines shield was stricken and her helm cracked within moments. Fearing for her life she summoned the gift of her father and a horrible demon of chaos came to her aid, lashing Mitchuinn with its tentacle of bile. Mitchuinn was mortally hurt by that blow though he struck the demon down as he fell. Thus he followed the path of Vingkot who was wounded by the Monster as he battled alone during the darkness. That part of his heropath was complete.

With the death of the demon, Mitchuinn shouted so loudly that all in the city below heard his words: "Behold the true face of Shepelkirt, beneath the beauty the chaos squirms and writhes for they are the kin of Wakboth!"

The warriors who'd come with him but held back while he completed his quest, fought into Hwarins bodyguard as they came up to save their Queen. A fight developed over Mitchuinn though the followers of Orlanth proved victorious. Many fought against chaos that day. Among their number were Heringvat Jaldarnsbane of Sylila, Massakar Wifeslayer of Jillaro, Argankar Darkwalker of Yolp and Gnocci Broobiter of Brolia. Using mighty Mastakos magics these brave warriors managed to carry Mitchuinn back, still semi- living, to his own tribe and kin where he died the death of Vingkot after receiving his chaos wound. He was burnt with the rites of Vingkot to become a hero to his tribe and a war spirit to lead them against the Empire.

Tribal Ring, prominent members:

King: Bork Mitchuinnsson
Notes: Priest of Orlanth Rex, and initiate of Humakt & Mitchuinn Moonhater. Bork is a deadly swordsman & skilled politician. His goal is to unify the Tarsh clans to bring retribution against the Empire and he seeks allies and powers from anyone and everyone. He is aided by Dwarfs and other strange magics.

Voice of Mitchuinn: Vagn "Rockeater" Mitchuinnsson
Notes: Warrior of Mitchuinn and fated by the Mostali to eat only rocks while the Empire still stands. He is a dour man with a great ability to inspire his anger in others. He is also rumoured to have the curse of longevity, gained while in the endless warrens of the stone men.

Warchief - Urox: Brannic "Ironarm" Mitchuinnsson
Notes: A Berserker Lord, his right arm is Iron but moves like a normal arm yet can tear armour apart in its grasp and crushes mens skulls as if they were eggshells. He know wields the deadly Sword of Mitchuinnn which is filled with the War Spirits' hatred of all things Imperial.

Ginna Jar: Gunnar "The Hammer"Mitchuinnsson
Notes: This massive warrior stands seven feet tall and is greatly broad across the shoulders. He too was gifted by Mostal and wields a hammer that pounds his foes into the ground that spawned it. He is the strength of the tribe, the physical and spiritual representation of its power and determination. He is a popular man with many fine children.

Vinga: Thorhilla Mitchuinnsdotter
Notes: Thorhilla is the only daughter of Mitchuinn and lost her first husband & true love in the fall of Mirins Cross. She joined Vinga soon after and now musters the warrior women of the Mitchuinn for war and vengeance.

High Storm Voice: Kurgath Blackcloud
Notes: A powerful magician and cantankerous fellow who has had ambitions of Kingship but now accepts Borks rule, if a little sullenly. He leads the Tribe in its great ceremonies and the other Storm Voices of the Tribe follow his lead, forming a powerful nobility at a tribal level. They are pro-war and eagre to maintain their power.

Elmal: Endrel Warhoof
Notes: A Suncarl of great wisdom and fidelity. Bork has left him in charge of the tribe on several occasions and he always performs with skill and forthrightness. He is also master of the Kings stables and his family maintains the largest herd of fine horses in the whole tribe.

Humakt: Gettick Browgrim
Notes: Tribal Champion and formidable warrior. This Sword of Humakt has give up many joy of life in his persuit of the skills and strength of his grim god. He is utterly loyal to Bork and loves his tribe but his greatest joy is in battle for which he trains ceaselessly.

Issaries: Berras Quicktongue
Notes: Berras is also tribal information gatherer and maintains a close relationship with Bork. He ranges far and wide across Tarsh & Holay, trading and gathering news and rumour. All of it eventually gets back to his King.

Chalana Arroy: Renna Gennasdotter
Notes: A woman of peace and caring, she is unusual in the warrior Mitchuinn tribe. Her Goddess has a place in the tribe though for battle wounds can be healed as well as any other and though it grieves her, she performs this function dutifully.

Ernalda: Genna Heartwarm
Notes: This woman has tremendous power in the tribe and was Mitchuinns sister and is the Kings aunt. She manages the tribal economy with great stewardship and constant long term planning. She is disturbed by the warlike tendencies of Bork and the other members of the tribal ring but she understands revenge and works towards the common goals of Mitchuinn himself.

Lhankor Mhy: Nerrias Clearmind
Notes: This man is a central linchpin of Borks rule. He gave his support unconditionally to Bork and used his great store of knowledge and legal precedent to help his king. His amazing knowledge of Heorts laws and Andarins words has made him famous in the region, as has his clarity of analysis.

The Thunder Sons
Notes: These include all the Clan chiefs and the most powerful and respected Thanes of the tribe. Their number can vary enormously but their word carries great weight at any tribal weapontakes.

Clans of the Mitchuinn






Breagalos Gent Trollbrew 1,700 10 340

Notes: Many of the members of this Clan were once foes of the Mitchuinn. They ave settled relatively well to their new overlords though Kourgath Blackcloud, the Tribal High Storm Voice has gained much support among these folk for his support of their wants. Gent Trollbrew is a good man, much noted for his ability to drink anything without passing out.

Culthos Culth Shieldbreaker 500 10 98

Notes: Culth is a Walind the Ram Rune Lord and his Clan was formed around his warband and cult followers plus a large number of free steadfolk who were persuaded to join the Mitchuinn in the face of threatened annexation by the Mellmuri or attacks from the Tusk Riders. Culth wields a weapon from the days of heroes that breaks shields and splits skulls with equal ease.

Drayvan Drayvan the Burner 450 10 91

Another warband clan, greatly expanded in numbers with the inclusion of many settlers in the upper Black Eel valley. Drayvan is a fearsome warrior, noted for his enjoyment of setting fire to steads and the people in them...

Igarni Igarn Greataxe 550 10 103

Notes: Yet another warband turned into Clan. Igarn is getting old though his terrible axe is still sharp. He was grateful when Mitchuinn gave him the Chieftainship and many folk to work the new lands. His clan is content though they fight a feud with the Tusk folk to their North.

Wextanath Wextan Warvrok 400 10 86

Notes: Wextan is a SunCarl and leader of the Elmali Clan of the Mitchuinn. His people raise horses and form the best shieldwalls of all the clans. His Huscarls are renowned for their fidelity as is Wextan though he loves the smell of battle and the sight of blood on his spear.

Prand Prand Swiftblade 900 10 185

Notes: A tough warband clan lead by a Humakti warlord, noted for his personal skill in battle but also known for his impatience with the patient ways of clan stewardship. Prand joined the Mitchuinn to continue his vendetta against the Empire which stole his lands and wife from him. He also needs aid against his neighbours who are encroaching on his lands from all sides.

Borni Borni Wallbuilder 1,300 10 252

Notes: One of the first clans in the area, the Borni are strong and have rested in the security their rebuilt EWF fort at Borni's Landing gives against raid and war. Of late though the arrival of so many powerful clans, warbands and aggressive chiefs has worried Borni and he joined the Mitchuinn willingly, though with some helpful persuasion from King Bork, to avoid being forced into a tribe by battle.

Total Tribal Population: 5,700

Tribal Military Strength

Bork has a powerful household including many veteran warriors and proud young Huscarls. Many Humakti follow him and the establishment of a temple ensures that many more will flock to the Mitchuinn War Banner.

King Borks personal household has some 42 Huscarls, all armed well, experienced and motivated. With a general Fyrd call out he can raise another 70 Huscarls and well over a 1,000 warriors.

With the aid of the Dwarfs, his force will be one of the largest and without doubt the best equipped in all of the Tarsh lands.








September 11, 2000

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