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The Mellmuri Tribe - circa 1348

- by Martin Laurie


Mellmur was an Aggari clan chief who failed in a bid to become tribal king in 1331 as part of the Cynnelfing Alliances' attempt to gain control over Aggar. Rather than fight a prolonged war, he moved South with his people into Holay in 1332.

They stayed for some time in Holay where his clan and two others conducted many raids, seizing much booty and Thralls from his former Aggari kinfolk. He was a cunning leader and had a knack for finding the easiest and quickest way to acquire riches. He soon became leader of a new tribe formed around the three raiding clans and several warbands and groups of dangerous men.

When his tribe began raiding other Holayan clans the retaliation was swift. Both the Aggari and Holayans attacked him and drove him south from his rich lands. Forced to flee merely to survive, he took his folk across the Deathline in 1338.

When he encountered outriders proclaiming Arims Kingdom of Tarsh, Mellmur had them killed by secret murder as they rode back to inform Arim of a new tribes presence in the North. Then Mellmur lead his people to the East rather than the South.

He found the Two Far stockade which was ruled by a rag-tag bandit gang and their kinfolk led by Voivarn the Rider. Mellmur struck them a deal and let them live in return for their support. A new Clan was added to the Mellmuri.

Mellmur settled his folk in the isolated vales around an old EWF city, now ruined. Only one full section of wall remained and this became the centrepoint of his new city. Raids were conducted across the pass and into Holay. Soon many slaves were sold by Mellmur and his kin to all comers, even distant Praxians. Mellmur called his city "Slave Wall" in jest.

For many years the Tribe gained in strength, serving as a middle man for slave dealers from Prax, a market place for raided cattle and a meeting point for human and troll traders. Mellmur grew rich and fat, his power ever more absolute and his hall of warriors ever more degenerate and evil.

His greatest danger had been the Tusk riders in the Stinking forest. These he placated and even befriended by offering them a yearly gift of slaves to sacrifice and slaughter in their blood rituals. Mellmur was even rumoured to have taken part in these rituals though he laughs at such foolishness.

Recently his tribe was thrown into turmoil by the attack of several warriors on his hall and his person during an ambassadorial visit by the Mitchuinn tribe. These warriors killed his tribal champion, his favourite and many of his men. Mellmur himself only escaped by the power of Orlanth. The incident nearly caused a feud with the Mitchuinn but King Bork expelled the trouble makers and the dispute was put out of mind while Mellmur quieted the troubles in his tribe.

Rumours of the King's dabbling with chaos had shocked several of the more traditional clans in the tribe and he had to prove himself at several rituals before his kingship was approved by some of his chieftains.

Tribal Ring, prominent members:

Franthic Fellthunder - Storm Voice, violent, hard-drinking man known for his appalling temper and casual brutality.

Gorvan Blackaxe - An Uroxi with a taste for violence and mayhem. He loves the raid, the swing of the axe and the screams of his foe. This warrior is not even remotely aware of how close he treads to the path of Urain. Already the whispers keep him awake at nights when he has not drunk enough.

Arnulf Grimnirsson - A fierce warrior for all his diminutive size. He is utterly violent, cruel and stupid. He is a typical servant of Mellmur's and has risen high in the ranks of Mellmur's Household.

Henk Runeskin - A troubled Walind the Ram Wind Lord who's intelligence tells him to leave Mellmur but he has no place to go. He is fond of battle, its clear cut simplicities and its live or die options. Anything else is too much for Henk and he hides in the drinking horn often as not.

Clans of the Mellmuri






Voivarni Voivarn the Rider 900 14 175

Notes: This clan was founded by bandits and maintains much of a bandit gangs character. They are loyal to Mellmur and provide him with his best raiders and riders. Voivarn is a dangerous man said to worship harsh spirits of plunder and raid though he attends his Orlanth ceremonies as he should.

Ellenmoray Ellenmor the Grey 950 10 192

Notes: The most traditional Orlanthi clan in the Mellmur and the least effected by Mellmur's strange kingship. Ellenmor is a wise ruler and if he could leave the Mellmuri without serious danger to his clan, he would. However, they are surrounded on all sides by clans loyal to the King and it doesn't seem likely at the moment.

Maikreni Gent Maikrensson 700 8 135

Notes: A small clan who live in fear of Tuskrider attack. They follow Mellmur because his bounty keeps them safe every year from certain destruction at the hands of the numerous Turk Rider clans in the forests to their North. The Maikreni are a relatively new clan set up by settlers and refugees from the wars to the North and from internal shifts within the tribe.

Chedurna Jork Firearrow 850 10 155

Notes: Noted for their worship of Ammanstan, a fire spirit that gives them the ability to fire flaming arrows like the sun folk of the north. They are a churlish and hard spoke people, given to raid and war but little to talk. They silently support Mellmur as long as he keeps them happy.

Frentosos Frent Boarbreaker 850 7 122

Notes: Frent once killed a boar with his bare hands by breaking its neck. His clan is another warband clan so typical in the Tarsh lands. They were the first clan who followed Mellmur and Frent is very loyal to the King due to past battles where Mellmur saved Frent's life more than once. The King is also generous with the bounty from Slavewall and the Frentosos have many of their young men serving in the king's Huscarls.

Brathgargi Brathgarg the Brazen 800 10 163

Notes: The Brathgargi are the most Northern clan of the Mellmuri and are seperated from the main clan group by the Black Eel river. Brathgarg is a famous womaniser who has stolen no less than fifty women in his raiding career but his ways are traditional and his manner almost jovial. He and his people enjoy life and spare little attention to the ways of the King and his Household over the river. They stay in the Tribe because of Mellmur's friendship with the Tuskriders.

Slave Wall Mellmur Thrallsbane 400 34 55

Notes: The town is Mellmur's personal domain. His hall and tower stand here and his small force of Huscarls lives with him, ready to respond to trouble and his whim. Most of the time they are drinking and dining, fed by the many Thralls that work dourly in the mud and squalor of the town. It has a palisade that is stout if unrefined and a small militia that is utterly loyal to the King.

Total Tribal Population: 5650

Tribal Military Strength

Slave Wall







June 7, 2000

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