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Pentan Warband on the Move Pent is a land of horse nomads to the north and east of the Lunar Empire. Sheng Seleris, the Empire's greatest foe was from Pent. Sheng fought several wars against the Kralorelians. To gain power for his wars, he raided others and took their magics. One of his victims was the Lunar Empire. The Lunars eventually overthrew Sheng and banished him to one of their deepest hells so that he would never trouble them again.

Periodically, people go on quests to free him and they would try to use him to bring down the Empire. Will they succeed? These ARE the Hero Wars so we may find out one day....

Sheng Seleris: Origins
Sheng Seleris: Path to Freedom
Sheng Seleris: Path to Empire
Sheng Seleris and the Black King of Alkoth

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September 11, 2000

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