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Map of Genertela The Kotun Pent The Lunar Empire Tarsh Alkoth Joranit Erigia Maps The Middle World, also called the Physical Realm or the Mundane Plane, is the place in the Universe where mortals live. It is where the various homes of the Gods meet and where Time exists.

It is here that the Hero Wars will rage the fiercest. Empire will collide and nations will fail in the fires of war while new ones arise from the ashes.

On these pages you will find descriptions of people and places in Glorantha: from the fires of Alkoth’s Enclosures to the icy winds on the Pentan Steppe and the copious blessings of Heler – the Rain God – in Sartar.



Katchari Pent
Char-Un Kotun Tarsh
Joranit Lunar Empire  



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