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My favourite roleplaying aid is a good map. For Glorantha, I have had to create my own as many of the regions we've played in have not been mapped yet. Here are maps done me and other people as they explored Glorantha.

Erigia, Home of the Char-Un Small (76k)
Big (237k)

The Lunar Empire in the 7th Wane

Best of Glorantha 2001 Nominee
Best Visual Art
Best Playing Aid
Best Licensed Product


External Link(951k)
Political Divisions in the Empire in 1634 Small (106k)
Big (631k)
The Lunar Empire in the 1620's

This is my first map - and it shows.

Small(88k) Big(232k)  

Tarsh in the 1620's

Originally seen in "The Unspoken Word 1: Tarsh in Flames"

Small (87k)
Big (231k)

The Eastern Hydra Mountains Small (43k)
Big (143k)

The Duchy of Naskorion

By the "Tradetalk" people. Check out the Interactive version of this map.

External Link

Dragon Pass and Prax

by sayerson

Small (58k)
Big (1620k)
  Prax and Dragon Pass in the 1620's Small(67k) Big(402k)
Northern Sartar in the 1620's

note: Two-Pine Ridge is 3 miles long

Small(97k) Big(320k)  

The Town of Tink

By Darran Sims

Small (47k)
Big (276k)

The Village of Apple Lane

By Darran Sims

Small (49k)
Big (629k)

The Village of Clearwine

By Ian Cooper

Small (60k)
Big (228k)

Key (6k, PDF)

The Voroni Tula

Part of the tula of the Voroni clan. By John Hughes.

Small(77k) Big(287k)   Sambari Tribal Lands

By Dan McLaughlin

External Link(808k)
The Roundstone Tula

By Dan McLaughlin

Extermal Link(615k)   The Border Marches in the 1620's Small(58k) Big(123k)


By Andy House

Small(122k) Big(880k)  

The Wastes of Prax

Showing the route of the Dragon's Furtive

Small(71k) Big(200k)

Esrolia in 1623

Showing the factions.

Small (71k)
Big (213k)

  Northern Esrolia. Small (73k)
Big (231k)
The Valley of the Sha Yar River

North of the Iron Forts in the western foothills of the Shan Shan Mtns

Small(68k) Big(170k)      


I am always seeking more maps. If you have one that you would like to see posted here let me know.



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