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Clan Generation Questionnaire - Char-Un

by Wesley Quadros

Thanks to David Dunham for letting me
base it on his Grazer questionnaire.


1) The Good Grazing

Long ago, your ancestors lived in the sky. Spirits and people galloped across the world together and it wasn't always possible to tell who was who. This golden age ended when monsters broke the world and crawled out from below the earth. They even invaded the Sky World and warred with the Spirits.

Your ancestors rushed to fight alongside Kargzant but after many heroic struggles were cast down out of the sky. Who did they fight?

a) The Yellow Tyrant, who sought to enslave everyone.
Ancient Enemies: The Farmers

b) The Thunderer, who cut the rim of the sky loose from its bindings to make it turn.
Ancient Enemies: Storm Barbarians

c) The nightmen, who brought darkness with them.
Ancient Enemies: Digijelmi

d) The Blue Serpent, who slithered from the waters below and flooded the pastures.
Ancient Enemies: Water

e) The Shadow Dragon, whom no one could see.
Ancient Enemies: Dragons

f) The Lion, who terrorised men and horses.
Ancient Enemies: Hsunchen

2) The Age of Heroes

Many great deeds were done as the sky people learned how to live on the land. Your ancestors helped one of the noteworthy leaders. Which one?

a) Uradyn, when he drove away the Horse Eater.
Values: Warlike

b) Sesema, when she made the first airag.
Economics: herding; Values: indulgent

c) Evaltan, when he made the first wagon.
Economics: trading

d) Sharyu, when she braided the first rope.
Economics: crafting

e) Bus, when he first counted the stars.
Goals: learning

f) Werris Mur, when she stole honey from the bees.
Economics: gathering

g) Targarung, when he trained the first hunting hawk.
Economics: hunting

h) Hesten Zore, when he learned the secret of the bones.
Economics: magic

3) The First Parting

Although the pastures were surrounded by enemies, your ancestors prospered until they became overcrowded and grazing was no longer as plentiful. Kargzant told them to split into five groups and wander as he did in order to survive. Which group were they part of?

a) They remained in the centre, in the sacred grazing grounds.
Values: tradition; Goals: learning

b) They travelled north, where they prevailed against the Ice.
Economics: crafting; Values: loyalty

c) They travelled east, where they tricked the Shrieking Runners
Economics: hunting; Values: pragmatism

d) They travelled south, where they turned back the Charioteers.
Economics: tribute; values: cruelty

e) They travelled west, and defeated the river so they could cross.
Economics: magic; Values: innovation

4) The Lost Years

More monsters appeared and attacked the herds while the weather grew cold. Kargzant left to fight the invaders in the Underworld and things got so bad that they people could no longer support all of the great spirits. Which great spirit did your ancestors retain the closest relationship with?

a) None, our local spirits were enough
Economics: magic

b) Morgzil, the Hunter
Economics: hunting

c) Kalikos, the Ice Bane
Goals: glory

d) Tirgzant, the Fire Stallion
Values: pragmatism

e) Iriloy, Horse Mother
Economics: herding

f) Lorest, Mother Earth
Economics: gathering

g) Folien, The Dark Slayer
Goals: Conquest; Values: cruelty

h) Sunishi, the Vigilant
Economics: tribute; Values: warlike

i) Ruag, the Whispering Wind
Values: innovation

j) Bonard, the Wise
Economics: trade; Goals: learning

5) The Farmer Empire

Kargzant returned triumphant from the Underworld. The horse tribes drove the monsters to the edges of the world and conquered the Farmer Empire. Different tribes ruled the Farmer Empire at different times; yours was one of them. How did your ancestors treat the Farmers?

a) They helped the Farmers restore their gods.
Values: generosity; goals: peace

b) They taught the Farmers how to contact the Great Spirits
Values: piety

c) They extracted tribute from them
Economics: tribute

d) They ruled them fairly
Goals: rulership

e) They forced them into menial slavery.
Values: cruelty; Goals: conquest

f) They became soft from living in the Farmer cities.
Values: indulgence

6) The Great Farmer Revolt

When the rest of the world gathered in a great alliance to drive the horse tribes out of Peloria, what did your ancestors do?

a) They waited to see what would happen
Values: pragmatism

b) They hired out as mercenaries
Goals: prosperity

c) They headed east before the battle.
Values: caution

d) They fought until defeat was inevitable
Goals: glory

e) They fought to the end.
Values: loyalty; Goals: glory

7) Aftermath

The combined might of the alliance was able to crush the horse tribes. 99 out of 100 warriors perished. The survivors left Peloria with their herds and 100 wives.

8) Slave Beasts

The various horse tribes wound up on the Eastern Plains where the refugee clans banded together into new alliances. Many of the clans herded other animals such as goats or cows. What did your ancestors do?

a) They herded sheep and goats to make the best use of our resources.
Values: pragmatism.

b) They remained Pure Horse.
Values: tradition

9) The rise of ma-Tamara

The great Moon Mare, ma-Tamara confronted your ancestor's raiders. They joined her, why?

a) They recognised her as the true mate of Kargzant
Economics: magic; Values: innovation

b) They respected her military power
Goals: conquest; Values: warlike

c) They were afraid of her vengeance
Values: pragmatism

d) They went along with the other clans.
Values: caution

e) She promised them the plunder of the Farmers
Goals: prosperity; Values: vengeance

f) Their leaders told them to.
Values: loyalty

10) Wars of Liberation

In the wars that followed, the Char-Un battled many foes in the Empire's name. Against whom did you win your most telling victories?

If ancient enemies is the same as these enemies: Economics: magic; Values: tradition.

a) The Carmanians, whose knights were so hard to kill.
Goals: glory; Values: warlike

b) Dara Happans, The Farmers, These descendants of the Farmers made good pillaging.
Economics: tribute; Goals: prosperity

c) Storm Barbarians, who condemned our support of chaos.
Goals: Conquest; Values: innovation

d) River Folk, who would bar our passage.
Economics: magic; Values:

e) The Bull Men, who fought in a berserk rage.
Goals: conquest

11) The Jannisor Rebellion

During the First Wane, the cities of the Farmer Empire rose in rebellion against the Emperor. He sought our aid to put down the rebellion. What did you do when the summons came?

a) Raised all of our forces to fight
Goals: glory; Values: loyalty; Lunar Relations: +1

b) Helped the usual amount
Goals: Prosperity; Values: tradition

c) Fought against him, he cheated us!
Lunar Relations: -1

d) Ignored the summons, it was not our fight.
Values: caution

12) The Skyburn

The Ur-Pan, Panishi, led us into the cold north to take Erigia as ours. He conducted a massive two-year ritual to burn the elf forest. Upon its completion, liquid fire dripped from the sky and reduced the woods to ashes. The women and children were the South Guard. What did your clan do to support the ritual?

All Char-Un have Aldrymani as their bitterest foes.

a) We were part of the North Guard and fought the ice
Goals: glory; Economics: herding; Recent Enemies: Hollri; If Kalikos was your guide in the Lost Years, Values: tradition.

b) We were part of the West Guard and fought the bears
Economics: gathering; Goals: conquest; Recent Enemies: Hsunchen; If Hsunchen are ancient enemies, Values: tradition.

c) We were part of the East Guard and fought the reindeer men
Economics: hunting; Goals: rulership; Recent Enemies: Eolians

d) We remained in the centre and participated in Panishi's ritual
Economics: magic; Goals: learning

e) We were fighting for the Emperor at the time.
Economics: tribute; Goals: conquest

13) Tribes

As you moved into your new lands Panishi organised the people into tribes. Why did you choose your tribe?

a) Their grazing lands were the most fertile
Economics: gathering; Goals: prosperity

b) Their shamans were strong
Economics: magic; Goals: prosperity; Values: piety

c) Their war powers were best
Economics: tribute; Goals: conquest; Values: cruelty, warlike

d) They had the best trade connections
Economics: trade; Goals: prosperity; Values: generosity

e) They had the most horses
Economics: herding; Goals: prosperity

f) The had the wisest elders
Goals: learning, peace

g) They didn't like Panishi
Goals: rulership; Loyalty: -1

h) Their Pan was generous
Goals: prosperity; Values: generosity

14) The Bindle Wars

Bindle attacked the empire with the help of the Char-Un. Why did you fight?

a) We fought for plunder
Economics: tribute; Values: warlike

b) We fought to teach the Empire a lesson for giving us an elf forest
Values: vengeance

c) We didn't fight in the war.
Goals: peace

d) We warned the Empire and tried to change our Brothers to our side.
Goals: peace; Values: loyalty; Lunar Relations: +1

e) We warned the Empire and prepared to fight our brothers.
Goals: conquest; Values: loyalty; Lunar Relations: +2

15) The Slaughter

When the war turned against them, the Bull Men from Bindle flayed Iriloy's Mare, a holy horse. The entire nation rode south and trampled their kingdom under hoof.

16) Sheng Seleris

From the east, Pentans once again invaded the Farmer Empire led by the war-Khan Sheng Seleris; who claimed to be a demigod. What part did your clan play in the following wars?

a) We fought Sheng ceaselessly, no matter how many of us were killed
Goals: glory; Values: loyalty, warlike, piety

b) We fought the nomads when it was safe to do so
Goals: glory; Values: caution

c) We stayed in Erigia and let the Empire fend for itself
Goals: peace; Values: caution

d) We were forced to follow him
Values: cruelty

e) We willingly joined him
Goals: conquest; Values: cruelty, warlike

17) Imperial Service

From time-to-time the Ur-Pan summons warriors to serve the Farmer Empire. What do you do when he calls?

a) Send as large a force as we can
Economics: tribute; Goals: conquest; Values: loyalty, warlike

b) Send some warriors
Goals: glory; Values: loyalty

c) Ignore him, we have better things to do.
Economics: herds; Goals: peace; Values: caution

d) Raid those who send warriors for they are weakened and we are not.
Goals: rulership; Values: cruelty, pragmatism

18) Infighting

With no dire threat to the Empire to unit the tribes, the clans began to squabble among themselves. Clans fought over religion, tribute or just grazing lands. What were you willing to fight over?

a) Grazing lands
Economics: herding

b) Hunting and gathering lands
Economics: gathering, hunting

c) Herding other animals
Values: tradition

d) Redress of old grievances
Values: vengeance

e) The chance to rule the tribe
Goals: rulership

f) None - we tried to maintain the peace.
Goals: peace

19) Troublesome Neighbours

You have a recurring trouble with a neighbouring Char-Un clan. What is the root of this trouble?

a) We have an ancient feud with them
Values: tradition, vengeance

b) They keep raiding us
Values: warlike

c) Their hunters and gatherers poach on our land
Goals: prosperity

d) They seek to control the trade routes
Economics: trade

e) They sacrifice to the spirits
Values: piety

f) They herd dirty animals.
Values: tradition

That is the end of the questionnaire.



The Farmers
Storm Barbarians
Dijigelmi (Uz)

The Farmers
Storm Barbarians
River Folk/Water
The Bull Men



Lunar Relations

Dirty Animals
Trade Routes




Final Clan Profile
Economic Speciality:
Favoured Spirit:
Wealth Rating:
Threat Rating:
Morale Rating:
Magic Rating:


June 25, 2001

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