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The Char-Un People

Char-Un Warriors The Char-Un are a nation of horse nomads that live in the desolate steppe north of the Empire providing mercenaries for the Emperor and raiding their neighbours during their periodic migrations.

The Char-Un were Pentans who fought the Goddess' forces in Torang before the formation of the Empire. With the nomad's defeat the survivors realised that their beliefs were incorrect and that Teelo Estare was the incarnation of their Moon Mare goddess. With that realisation they swore their lives and their son's lives to her service and have fought for her since.

During the drive to liberate the land from Carmania and to establish the Empire the Char Un were key in many battles and actions with their light cavalry and awe inspiring strategic speed. They gained a reputation for ferocity that barely lives up to the truth and finally won their own homeland in the north.

When the Emperor granted Panishi, warlord of the Char-Un, Erigia he did not mention that it was covered in forest. Many Char-Un felt cheated by the Emperor. Others felt that they were being tested by their gods and they set about making the land useful to themselves. They performed a vast ritual that culminated in liquid fire dripping from the sun and scouring the forest from the land. They fought a long and hard campaign to drive the surviving elves from the newly formed steppe before they could make it their own.

What the Elder Told Me - A personal view on Char-Un culture

Erigia - A map of the Char-Un homeland

Rider Initiation Quest - ** Spoiler Alert, if you game with me you should not read this. **

Glossary of Char-Un words
Char-Un Names

The Cold Line - A line of dreary forts protecting the Empire from the demons and spirits of Winter

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July 17, 2001

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