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The Imperial Calendar

The Imperial calendar is based on the Theyan one. The Theyan calendar was brought to the Empire during the First Council but was suppressed after its fall. With the rise of the EWF the Theyan calendar was again introdued to the Empire and it survived the fall of the EWF.

The imperial calendar is broken into 5 seasons, with 8 weeks, and one Sacred Season with two weeks. Each week has seven days.


z Sea Season Spring, planting season
f Fire Season Summer
e Earth Season Fall, Harvest Time
d Dark Season Early Winter, snows
a Storm Season  Late winter, rainy season
  Sacred Time  


j Disorder
h Harmony
t Death
x Fertility
u Stasis
v Movement
i Illusion
y Truth


Days is where the calendars differ. While the theyans named their days after the elements, the Goddess instructed that the empire name theirs after the phases of the moon.

Lunar maps showing phase zones

The maps shows which phase of the moon is shining
upon each area in the Empire.

For more information on calendars refer to

July 12, 2001

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