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The Ebon Academy

-by Wesley Quadros
January 2004

In the centre of Katchari, standing over the city on a hill, is the Ebon Academy. The academy is many things: it is the only known temple to Katchar; it is the home of the Blades of Katchar; it is the home of some of the finest sword-smiths anywhere; and it is the home of the oldest and one of the best known martial training academies in Peloria.

A wide boulevard leads from the city square, north up the hill to the front steps of Katchar's temple, the centrepiece, though probably least used part of the Academy. There are cells here for Prime, a few priests and the servants of the Blades. The Blades hold major worship only once a year so there is little need for dedicated priests. Those are here are mostly retired Blades, too old or crippled to wield swords, who have come here to maintain the regalia and provide to the needs of the worshippers. Temple work that would be done by acolytes in other temples is done by the Apprentices from the Academy.

The western wing of the complex contains cells, mess halls and a hospital for the Journeymen, Bladesmen and Ebon Blades. Most of these cells remain empty during the year and are only used during major gatherings and the High Holy Day.

The eastern wing houses the Academy proper. There are cells for the apprentices, classrooms for teaching and gymnasiums for training.

The north wing is the smithy where the Blades go to work on their swords and where the Academy's smiths create the Katchari Swords for Journeymen and work on expensive commissions from across the Empire.

In the centre of the complex is an open square used for drilling the students and where the Blades can practice their art.

All of this is lead by Prime, the ranking Ebon Blade.

Through history, the Ebon Academy has been sacked seven times and razed to the ground thrice. Each time the victor assumed that the swordsmen had been destroyed only to find that they had retreated to their god's home on the Hero Plane.




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23 January 2004