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A History of Anadikki

Here is a historical time-line of Anadikki that I have pieced together from GRoY, FS, Entekosiad and several web sources.

Pre-dawn: Upper Anadikki is home of the Andam. Lower Anadikki is part of Suvaria. After defeat by Daxdarius, Andam are destroyed by Suvarians and Arirae; land largely uninhabited due to mass slaughter and great magical curses laid on by the conquerors.
Dawn: Primitive tribesmen.
200: Greenword expansion
238: Brolia joined unity council. Peaceful w/ forest. Orlanth introduced to region.
307: Kingdom of Somarin. Society is fully orlanthing now. Goldentongue is very important. Kingdom based on trade between Dorastor and Pelanda.
350: Forest Gone.?? [FS]
365: Heortlings leave council. Uz leave council. Yolp begins raiding Somarin.
400: Talastari (including Somarin) are tarumathi. Growing worship of Daysenerus to oppose trolls.
450: Nysalor falls. Arkat allied with trolls to crush opposition. Yolp Trolls raiding into Brolia destroy Kingdom of Somarin. Resurgence of Orlanth. Many clans retain worship of Tarumath.
500: Vesgarings tribe, skilled troll-killers unite the tribes. Build Bregowine's Dyke. Widespread adoption of the falx sword.
621: Rise of Spolites.
653: Vesgarings adopt Spolite ways. "Fight Dark with Gloom."
674: Rise of Adikki tribe, fighting against the Gloom, fall of the Vesgarings. Adikki blessed by Daysenerus(?) (NOT sundomers though).
700: Kitimat, last citadel of the Vesgaring Gloom-Kings falls to King Adikki. Land called Anadikki in honour of the liberators.
824: EWF in Dorastor
830: Anadiki tribes 'conquer' Durnvolk [FS]. Probably sustained heavy raiding. Probably signifies a lowering in Troll troubles (trolls worried about EWF?)
860 Northern half conquered by Carmania
870: Southern half conquered by EWF
890: EWF tries to take Brolia. Constant strife, failed by 900. Brolia home of anti-dragon fanatics.
900: EWF has pushed Carmania out of northern Anadikki.
905: Survilastor Dragonslayer, Carmanian warlord, won battle of Three Dragons Fall. He takes throne as High King of Anadikki and establishes a dynasty. Adopts/modifies/insinuates himself into local religion. Expanded Adikki to be his seat.
1079: Survilsorit War. Melgastor, 8th Survilsorit King reveals Spolite leanings. Anadikki tribes, led by their Hazars rise against him. The king and his priests are slain. Melvorastor, his brother takes the throne.
1105: "Uroxi" Tribes (Baloris) conquer Vanstal.
1120: Broo horde appears. Dragonkill.
1132: The last Sarvalsorite king dies fighting broos. End of Survilsorites. Durnvok under Brolian/Anadikki control again.
1200: King Saxulf swears loyalty to Shah - joins Carmanian Church. Lower Anadikki becomes tribute kingdom of Carmanian. "Friends of the Shah". Upper Anadikki refuses and fights.
1229: King Aescwine of High Rock drives the "Friends of the Shah" from Lower Anadikki and reunites the tribes.
1284: Black-Iron Claw Leskoros of Edasus (in Rinliddi) conquers lower Anadikki for the Lunar Empire. Part of Takenegi's manifestation of the Lord of War.
1323: Takenegi visits. Start of colonisation from heartlands.
1376: sheng
1381: Anadikki tribes rebel but the Satrap's army crushes them at the Battle of Ekdek Gorge. Punitive raids into Upper Anadikki. High Rock and surrounding tribes annexed.
1415: Sheng conquers peloria. Raids lower Anadikki.
1552: Stygian Revivalists formed to attempt to resurrect Gbaji.
1558: Celestinus appears in Ebon City. Crushes Stygian Revivalists.
1590: White Shirt Day in Talastar.


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