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Shargashi WarriorAlkoth is a city in Dara Happa, the Lunar heartland, that is in hell. To enter Alkoth, you are ritually killed and then you may pass within. Alkoth is the sacred home of Shargash's people. Shargash is a god of death, destruction and war. He is also the god of rebirth.

The city walls of Alkoth are supposed to be formed from a ring that Shargash gave his ex-wife, Biselenslib. Alkoth has never fallen to an enemy army. The city has withstood seiges that lasted for generations and never fallen.

This page has stories about or based on the people of Alkoth.

Martin was going to run a Lunar game to play test "Hero Wars" and we had all made our characters. Instead, we began the Gwandor campaign. I have posted my Shargashi character from the proposed Lunar game; his name is Grimvurash.

The Alkothiad
The Battle of Thunder Valley
Deville and the Elevens
Sheng and the Black King

April 16, 2001

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