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Site Updates

This is a list of changes made to this site.

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Date Description of Change
09-December-04 Added two new Seeking entries and updated a moved campaign website. Added two more maps and fixed a broken link.
27-October-04 Added PargAddi XIX
19-October-04 Added PargAddi XVIII
3-September-04 Added PargAddi XVII
27-August-04 A Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans moved to Pheonix and added a new entry in NJ/Philly.
10-August-04 Added PargAddi XVI
16-June-04 A Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans moved to Toronto.
28-May-04 Fixed broken links glorantha.com on the Resources page.
22-May-04 Added Part XV of the PargAddi Annals.
19-May-04 Added Part XIV of the PargAddi Annals. Fixed a broken link to the Rune-Quest font on the Resources page.
12-May-04 Added Part XIII of the PargAddi Annals.
1-May-04 Added Part XII of the PargAddi Annals.
29-April-04 Added a PBEM to Gloranthans seeking Gloranthans.
11-April-04 Added 2 more Gloranthans seeking Gloranthans.
3-March-04 Added the scenario briefing document for the Vaillant campaign.
16-February-04 Added another Gloranthan seeking Gloranthans.
14-February-04 Added Sir Raymand Ironthew.
12-February-04 Added the Knights du Vaillant campaign page. Added the Knights of St. Trymir heroband.
6-February-04 Added Berkut No-Toes.
3-6-February-04 Added Bodmodr Black-Face,Russol the Sailor, and Sir Gils the Bear. Added Lord Varios' Party. Added Wicca Red-Eye.
27-31-January-04 Added a collection of Time Lines. Added Anadikki time line. Updated Sigmund Stormblade. Added Grandmother Gerkem. Added Grimnir Ironoath and Hakon Ironbow.
21-24-January-04 Updated and revised The Middle World. Added an Adventure and a Heroband. Added Katchari, the Ebon Academy and the Katchari Swordsman. Added the Vampyre and Revenant to the Bestiary. Updated the cult of Katchar. Updated Maloven.
18-January-04 Added the Hellhound tothe Bestiary.
16-January-04 Added the PargAddi Annals XI. Added Abandinus the Flayed's character sheet. Updated Resources page and added the Bestiary.
8-January-04 Added the culture keyword for the Uzuz: Mistress Troll.
31-December-03 Added the PargAddi Annals X. Fixed a broken link to the RuneQuest font on the PargAddi page. Updated Greshvuketh's character sheet. Fixed a broken link to the Maps page on the PargAddi page. Updated the Maps page.
23-December-03 Added the PargAddi Annals IX.
20-December-03 Added the PargAddi Annals VIII and the PargAddi Lexicon. Added 3 more Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans. Modified the Maps page. Updated the House Rules.
1-November-03 Updated Seeking page. Modified PargAddi main page. Updated House Rules for the changes in HeroQuest. Fixed broken links on Tograd.
April 7 Added 3 more Gloranthans to the Seeking page.
March 2 Added Gwandorlingas 80. The site was nominated for "Best of Glorantha 2002".
February 7, 2003 Added Gwandorlingas 79. Began the transformation to version IV of the site.
January 14, 2003 Corrected mistaken references to 'Winter' and 'Summer' tribes in Gwandorlingas 76 and 77.
November 26 Added a description of Sota Lamplighter.
November 21 Added a Map of the Political Division in the Empire in 1634. Added an Intelligence summary of the Empire in 1634. Added Gwandorlingas 78.
November 13 Added Gwandorlingas 77 and re-ordered the saga index. Updated Lothar.
October 26 Updated Argrath Dragonfriend and Argrath Stormchaser.
October 25 Added 3 more Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans.
October 20 Added Gwandorlingas 75 and 76.
October 5 Added Gwandorlingas 74 and The Gwandor Fragments.
September 26 Added Gwandorlingas 73.
August 30 Added a set of 4 character sheets by Gilbert Pili.
July 19 Added Gwandorlingas 72! Added another Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Updated Gudny Stormchasers character sheet.
July 12 Added another Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Added the Narrator's comments to Gwandoringlas 71's foreword.
July 10 Added Gwandorlingas 71. Added another Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Updated Gudny's and Lothar's Character sheets.
July 6 Fixed broken link on the map page.
May 4 Added the Native Scout occupational keyword and the myth of Humakt and Malia.
May 3 Added the myths Humakt's Oath, Humakt and the Raiders, and Humakt, Wolf and Raven.
April 26 New site added to the Crossroads.
April 15 New House Rule. Added the Cult of Joran.
April 10 Added the myth of How Orlanth Wooed the Dark Woman. Added Gwandorlingas 70.
April 2 Added the Kotun Cultural Keyword and Mammoth Rider Occupational Keyword.
March 31 Added Gwandorlingas 69.
March 29 Added a new map of Dragon Pass and Prax. Added a the Cult of Orkarl Cat Dancer.
March 17 Added another Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Added a few more Sample Characters. Added a new House Rule. Added a the myth of Sitric and the Mountain of Ice. Added Gwandorlingas 68. Updated Gudny's Character Sheet. Added the Cult of Rax the Fury.
March 7 Added Gwandorlingas 66 and 67. Updated Lothar's character sheet.
March 2 Added the myth "The Masks of Death". Added a new Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Added Gwandorlingas 64 and 65. Added a new House Rule.
January 23 Added a new Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Added Malaspina to Sample Characters.
January 18 Added a new Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Added Torgrad, Eorkan and Cypros to Sample Characters. Added the Herocult of AeKrono.
January 12, 2002 Added a new Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Corrected some spelling mistakes in PargAddi VII. Updated the link to Ian Thompson's site on the Cross Roads. Added some stuff from the Laguros PBeM game. Added the section on the City of Joranit.
December 24 Added Part VII of the PargAddi Annals.
December 19 Added a new Sample Character.
December 17 Added Part VI of the PargAddi Annals. Added the Strangler subcult to Ratakar.
December 14 Added the cults of Katchar and Ratakar.
December 1 Fixed Bolthor's Tale and added a VERY old version of Urain by Martin Laurie.
November 10 Added Bolthor's Tale to the Voroni page.
November 8 Added Gwandorlingas 63 and the Orders of Battle for the Battle of Heroes. Updated Argrath's character sheet.
November 4 Added Gwandorlingas 62.
October 31 Added Gwandorlingas 61. Updated Gudny Stormchaser and Sigmund Stormblade's character sheets. Added two maps by Darran Sims.
October 27 Added Chaghatishi Moon-Bow, a sub-cult of Yanafal Tarnils.
October 21 Added a map of the Village of Clearwine.
October 17 Added a new Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Fixed a missing link to Gormoth Cloudancer.
October 10 Added the tale of Humakt and the Wind.
September 23 Added the hero quests Ohorlanth and the Thunderbolt and The Creation of the Kodigvari.
September 19, 21 Added Gwandorlingas 60. Updated Gudny Stormchaser and Garthael Flashing-Blade's character sheets.
September 13 Added Gwandorlingas 59.
September 4 Added Gwandorlingas 58. Added another House Rule.
August 5,6 I removed most of the Char-Un information that will appear in the forth-coming "Sons of Kargzant". Added Gwandorlingas 57.
August 4 Added my map of Tarsh.
July 23 Updated Bronwyn's Character Sheet.
July 17 Added the Map of Erigia. Added the Char-Un Glossary and the Kargzant Tradition magical keywords.
July 15 Added Char-Un Occupational Keywords, Cultural Keywords and Background. Added my House Rules.
July 12 Fixed the Lunar Calendar. The images showed the moon turning right-to-left when it should turn left-to-right.
July 8 Added the Voroni Clan Ring.
June 25 Added the Char-Un Clan Generation Quesitonnaire.
June 14 Added the cult of Fennoreth the Flying Girl.
May 24 Added more Voroni Clansmen, Friends and Foes. Added a piece on Converting Characters from RuneQuest to Hero Wars.
May 22 Fixed Bolthor's character sheet. Added characters sheets for the Voroni Characters Hindina Snow Leaper and Malygris. Added the The Cold Line.
May 15 Added Voroni character sheets for Beveni and Veoslin.
May 7 Added a character sheet for Urakava and the Voroni Stead Map.
May 4 Updated the player character descriptions for the Voroni Campaign Added a the tale of Vastyr's Winter Stead and Morak's Spirit Drum. Added character sheets for the Voronlings Bolthor, Gutjoral, Jaros,
April 27 Added player character descriptions and several NPCs to the Voroni Campaign.
April 25 Added Gwandor Saga part 56.
April 19 Added the Voronling Prophesies.
April 17 Added Gwandor Saga part 54 and Gwandor Saga part 55. Fixed the broken link to Grimvurash on the Alkoth page.
April 7 I reorganised the Campaigns section and added the Voroni campaign. Added the myth of The Wooing of Fennoreth
April 4 You selected this site as the "Best Gloranthan Website" for 2000. Thank you all!
April 3 Added Gwandor Saga part 53.
March 28 Added a hero-cult of the Drum Thunder.
March 17 Added Gwandor Saga part 52. Added a link to our New Map of the Empire.
March 12 Added a myth about The Arming of Vingkot.
February 23 Added a new Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans.
February 21 Added a new Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans. Updated the character sheets for Lothar and Sigmund.
February 19 Added a new map of Prax.
February 16 Updated the character sheets for Argrath and Gudny to match "Thunder Rebels".
February 14 Fixed spelling mistakes in the PargAddi Annals - Part V.
February 13 Changed the Lunar Calender. Added the PargAddi Annals - Part V.
February 12 Added the cult of Cwurl Toran - The Hound of Tarnils.
February 11 Added a new link to the Cross-Roads.
February 3 Added new Character Sheets to the Resources page.
February 1 Added the PargAddi Annal - IV and Verakus' Character Sheet.
January 27 Added Maloven's Character Sheet. Updated Greshvuketh's. Added a map of the Eastern Hydra Mountains.
January 22 Added the PargAddi Annal - III and a summary of the Imperial Calender.
January 21 Added a new myth, How the Storm Tribe Met the Goose.
January 17 New PargAddi Annal and PargAddi Characters.
January 14 Corrected the Pennel Ford map. Added a short bio of Mark Galeotti.
January 12 Added a new bard to the Bard's Corner, Mark Galeotti.
January 10 Added the PargAddi Campaign and the Annals of the PargAddi - Part 1.
January 7 Added the sub-cults of Bashekardevi, a Shargashi hero, and Cwurl Toran, a Yanafal Tarnils hero. Added more Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans.
January 4 Added more Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans.
January 3, 2001 Added Dara Happan Font and Andrew Farman's Character Sheet.
December 27 Added more Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans. Fixed errors on Orders of Battle for Milran.
December 7 Added the myth: How Shargash Returned the Rain. Updated Polestar's Vantage, the Site Map.
December 6 Added Gwandorlingas 51.
December 4 Added Orders of Battle for Pennel Ford and Milran.
December 3 Added Gwandorlingas 50.
November 30 Added maps of the battle to Gwandorlingas 49.
November 25 Added Gwandorlingas 49. Added a link to a new map.
November 17 Added more Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans.
November 13 Added maps of the army deployments at the Battle of Pennel Ford.
November 10 Updated the Crossroads. Added Gwandor Saga Part 48. I found the link for the cult of Gestetner and added it.
November 3 Updated the Cross Roads
October 29 Added Gormoth Cloudancer to the Sample Characters Page.
October 10 Updated Lothar Twinblades' and Gudny Stormchaser's Character Sheets. Added a Char-Un Rider Initiation Quest. Updated Polestar's Vantage. Converted Varax's Character Sheet from an old version of HW.
September 14 Added a Gloranthan Seeking Gloranthans.
September 12 Added a Char-Un Section including What the Elder Told Me. More additions to Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans.
September 5 Updated the Cross-Roads.
August 31 Added the Carmanian Hazar occupational keyword.
August 30 Added the EWF Battlemage occupational keyword.
August 24 Added Wesley's Gloranthan Bibliography and updated the Cross Roads. Added another person to the Players Seeking Players section.
August 18 Added Martin's Gloranthan Bibliography.
August 11 Added another Downloadable Character Sheet to the Resources page.
August 8 Added more Players Seeking Players.
August 1 Added more Resources.
July 25 Added the cult of Herald Goodword. Added a map of Northern Esrolia.
July 24 Added Gwandor Saga part 47.
July 21 Added a map of Esrolia.
July 17 Added Gwandor Saga Part 46. Converted Katla Swiftsword's character sheet to the final version of Hero Wars.
July 16 Updated Argrath and Gudny's character sheets.
July 15 Updated Kamoar's Character Sheet in the Gwandor Campaign. Added Part 45 of the Gwandor Saga. Added the cult of Hengkot Kingsbane.
July 12 Added the Theist Character Sheet by Henrix. Added Part 44 of the Gwandor Saga.
July 9 Added downloadable Gloranthan fonts.
July 7 Added a tale by Oliver Bernuetz to the Bard's Corner.
June 28 Fixed broken link on Resources page. Updated Sigmund's character sheet.
June 26 Added Gwandor Saga Part 43
June 25 Added a map of the Wastes of Prax
June 23 Updated the Cult of Flintnail and the Cult of Pavis. Added two searchers to the Seeking Page. Added a Site Map.
June 21, 2000 Wesley's Glorantha Site III is launched.
September 9, 1998 Wesley's Glorantha Site launched.



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