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Humakt, Wolf and Raven

- by Ian Cooper

Theft between the Storm kin was forbidden. When Orlanth stole Death, Humakt severed his relationship with his kin. Then he set out across the world to recover Death. It had spread everywhere, and the world was full of those poor creatures that had no place to go. There were so many victims that Humakt was unsure of finding them all.

Then he noticed Raven and Wolf. In the Chaos Age, while everyone else grew hungry, Raven and Wolf grew fat for they discovered that the dead could be food for the living. With his keen sight, Raven often spotted the corpses of the dead before Death even took them. Raven loved to pick out their eyes. Wolf knew this and followed Raven so that he could feast on their entrails.

Humakt set out to follow Wolf and Raven. These were dangerous times and Humakt had to face many dire foes, but eventually he caught Raven by the gallows tree.

Raven perched on a corpse that swung on the gallow tree, watching Humakt. He croaked hoarsley, sensing the approach of Death. Raven's black beady eyes peered closer, then he croaked in dissappointment. The living approached, not the dead. There were no eyes or entrails to be had without a fight.

"Raven," said Humakt. "You have a keen eye for Death, and often first upon the place of slaughter. Guide me to the slain, harbringer of Death."

"What's for me, what's for me," croaked Raven. "Give me a morsel of flesh your flesh. A tasty treat. A gift to guide, a gift to guide."

"You will not have a part of me without a fight, Raven. Name a champion to fight me. If I win, you must be my eyes, and if you win you may take your morsel of flesh."

"Wolf, Wolf," croaked Raven.

Wolf slunk into the clearing.

"Will you fight by my rules, brother Wolf?" asked Humakt.

Wolf assented and fought with Humakt. Wolf was cunning, dangerous and cruel, but Humakt was steadfast, deadly and true. So Raven had to serve Humakt after that, offering his sight to show Humakt where he was going.



May 2, 2002

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