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Sitric and the Mountain of Ice

- by Wesley Quadros

The years after the death of Vingkot were hard ones for the Vingkotlings. The sons of Vingkot quarrelled and finally fought; monsterous creatures came from beneath the ground and ate everything while Chaos Man's hosts ravaged the land.

In Orlanth's and Vingkot's absence Valind tried to claim the High Seat. Blankets of snow and sheets of ice covered the land making the people suffer terribly.

Sitric the Scarred was a grandson of Hengall the Second Son and he found a path to Inora's castle atop the Mountain of Ice.

Sitric crawled through a cave, sold the Shadow Mittens to a troll and clambered onto a narrow path. Carefully climbing the path, Sitric bartered his parka to Biting Wind to get across a chasm. As he eased his way over the mountain's shoulder, he lost his cap to a swooping hawk.

When he finally reached the path to Inora's lodge he was buried in an avalanche. The love of his wife freed him, naked, from the snows. When he finally staggered into the Snow Queen's hall he was blue from crown to toe.

Once Inora sought his reasons for entering her hall he spake thusly, "to ask for your sponsorship so that my family can survive the winters." So impressed was she by his efforts that Inora agreed to protect him and one of his family members for each finger and toe that he sacrificed to her.

Thereafter, Sitric's family ignored the cold and did quite well for themselves - until the coming of Shambling Hunger - but that is a different tale.


March 17, 2002

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