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How Shargash got the Rain Back

- by Wesley Quadros
Thanks to Greg S.

In the Shargash Age the Great Thirst stole into Entekos' palace and swallowed Shafesora.

Wendaria was left without Shafesora's gift of rain and the people despaired. Shargash asked Kenstrata the Tracker to help him find the Great Thirst. When Kenstrata found the monster's hiding place Shargashrode there on a Thunderbolt. When the Great Thirst charged the Thunderer, Shargash stopped him with a mighty shout. Shargash called the great Entekos cloud to obscure the monster's vision and summoned the great Doburden thunderstorm to lash upon the creature's lair. When the Great Thirst beast struck with his tongue Shargash lashed it with relentless winds tying it in a great knot. As the confounded monster lay there writhing in pain and fear Shargash struck it a resounding blow with his fiery mace that split it open.

Shafesora stepped lightly from the steaming wound and they returned to Entekos.



December 7, 2000

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