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Orlanth Takes Lightning

- by Wesley Quadros

- as told by Bodal Kellson,
Lhankor Mhy sage from Boldhome

Once, as Orlanth sat in his hall, up ran Voriof and told them ill tidings for he had seen a Captain of the Sky descend on a pillar of light to lay waste among the steads of Orlanth's people. The sky- man cast throwing-spears that fired all they touched and he had slain many of the steadfolk before turning towards the trees.

Urox seized his great axe and roared forth to cleave the invader. He cast back and fore. He cut an entire forest down to find the star captain but found naught.

Vadrus charged forth swinging his war-hammer, Rhino, about his head. The rumble of his coming caused the sky-man to leap unto the air and flee over the horizon. Vadrus chased after him but the marauder was so swift-footed that he never came near him.

Orlanth called Yinkin the Cat and Odayla Orlanthsson, the Hunter, to him. "Canst thou track this marauder?" he asked them.

"Aye" was the simple response.

The three sallied forth. Yinkin prowled left and right seeking the spoor of the light-man. Odayla cast about seeking his tracks. Orlanth followed his friends with the Shield of Arran in his left hand and his battle-spear, Thunder, in his right. Girt about his waist, was the Belt of the Eternal Winds with Humakt, his sword, handing on the left. On the right hung Babeester, his axe.

Yinkin found the invader's scent and darted off in pursuit. Odayla and Orlanth ran behind him on nimble feet. They came upon the star-man in a dell and he leapt into the air and made to flee again. Orlanth called a challenge to the craven and flew after him.

Seeing his escape cut off, the star-man hurled his javelins of lightning at Orlanth. Sheltered behind his great shield, Orlanth shrugged off the assault. Then Orlanth rushes at him, and hews at him on the breast with his sword, and the blow passed at once into his chest, and he got his death there and then.

Orlanth took up the javelins which had been hurled at him and claimed the mighty weapons as his own.


June 9, 2000

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