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Glorantha's history is the history of the Gods. They created this land that we call home.

The way to show proper respect for the beings who's power you call is to learn the tales told of their past, what they did, who they did it to and why. By learning these stories you become that much closer to your patron and gain a little more of its power.

Orlanthi Myths
Pelorian Myths
The Arming of Vingkot
How Shargash brought back the Rain
The Creation of the Kodigvari  
Gustbran's Hammer
How Orlanth Wooed the Dark Woman  
How the Storm Tribe Met the Goose  
Humakt and Malia  
Humakti and the Raiders  
Humakt and the Wind  
Humakt's Oath  
Humakt, Wolf and Raven  
Issaries Learns Mind-Speech  
Lhankor Mhy's Ink  
Ohorlanth and the Thunderbolt
Orlanth takes Lightning  
Sitric and the Mountain of Ice  
Sly-Voron Woos Fennoreth Umathsdottir  
The Masks of Death  
Vadrus Slays the Chieftan
Vastyr's Winter Stead and Morak's Spirit Drum



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May 4, 2002

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