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During the Darkness, after the fall of Vadrus, Gustbran came to Orlanth seeking justice. "One of your kin has assailed me and stolen from me." Gustrbran showed Orlanth the burns left on his neck by Icy Wind, a son of Valind Vadrusson who is Orlanth's nephew. Icy Wind had attacked Gustbran in front of his smithy and then stolen Gustbran's fire before fleeing back to his mountainous retreat. Orlanth could not let this pass unpunished. Assailing one of Orlanth's Carls and stealing from Orlanth's Stead was a dire insult and Orlanth's justice would not allow him let his family do this.

Quest Requirements

  • The quester must know the myth of Orlanth and Icy Wind.
  • For this quest the hero should bring some followers with him, as a battle with solars is part of the quest. The normal number is three to five followers or friends. The quester's followers may leave after Station 2 (the battle), or they may continue on the quest with the hero to give him support. If they do this, they become fully subject to penalties for failure, as described below.

Outline of the Quest

The Quest for Gustbran's Hammer has six stations:

  1. Orlanth's Hall
  2. Meeting Kitor
  3. The Mountain
  4. Icy Wind's Cave
  5. Gustbran's Smithy
  6. Homecoming

Station 1: Orlanth's Hall

Cross to the Other World

Orlanth called his thunder brothers and seized up his weapons. He left his stead and fared to the north, where he knew Icy Wind resided, to retrieve Gustbran's hammer.

The quester uses his Mythology of Orlanth (or other appropriate god, such as Hedkoranth) to open the barrier and cross to the God Plane.

Station 2: Meeting Kitor

Fighting the Solars

Orlanth and the Thunder Brothers were beset by Kitor the Troll. Before they could come to blows Orlanth sought the reason for the assault. Seeing the King of the Storm Gods Kitor came forth and told of an attack on his land by soldiers of the Bright Face, Yelm. The trolls were trying to defend their camp but saw little hope as they were hugely outnumbered. Orlanth led his warband against the Solars alongside Kitor and earned the trust and friendship of the troll god by defeating the Evil Emperor's marauders.

This is the primary reason for bringing companions along on the quest, for otherwise the hero will likely be overmatched.

If the solars lose, the quester will earn the friendship of the trolls and be given a headband of lead that identifies him as an Uz-Friend. If the solars win the battle, the quester will be unable to find where Icy Wind is hiding and will have to turn back empty handed.

After the contest is over, and whether the quester or the solars fled the battleground, the companions of the quester normally return back to Orlanth's Hall and thus to the Physical World. They can choose to remain with the quester, though further combats are not expected unless the solars return.

Station 3: The Mountain

Once the solars had been defeated, Orlanth told Kitor of his quest. Kitor told Orlanth where to find Icy Wind and then returned to his people. Orlanth travelled into the northern mountains and found the peak atop which Icy Wind sat. Ignoring his nephew's pestering children Orlanth climbed the sheer mountainside and came to Icy Wind's cave.

The hero (and his companions if they are still with him) are directed to a rocky spire that juts from the mountains like a finger. They have to climb the spire while assailed by minor wind spirits.

Station 4: Icy Wind's Cave

When Orlanth arrived at the cave where Icy Wind stayed he confronted his kin and demanded reparation for Gustbran. Orlanth sought full weregeld for the assault and return of Gustbran's heat. Icy Wind told how he needed the heat for his new wife and that Gustbran would never have given it to him. Icy Wind had taken Hurola, the Winter Flower, as wife and she had demanded warmth as her bride price. Orlanth chastised Icy Wind and spake of Gustbran's generosity. He offered to speak with the Smith and convince him to share his heat with Icy Wind.

The quester will come to a cave in the top the mountain. There he finds an icy cold wind spirit dancing over a field of flowers. As Icy Wind is Orlanth's great nephew he should not assail the spirit for that would be kinstrife. The quester needs to convince the spirit to return what he stole, pay restitution for what he did and to allow the quester to convince Gustrbran to share his heat. If he does, then the spirit produces a burning hammer and gives it to the questor.

Station 5: Gustbran's Smithy

Orlanth left the mountain with Icy Wind and called on Gustbran at his Smithy. Icy Wind returned Gustbran's heat and offered full compensation, which Gustbran accepted. Orlanth explained why Icy Wind had taken the heat and asked Gustbran if he would share his heat with the god. Gustbran was convinced of the justice of Orlanth's words and agreed to share his heat as long as Icy Wind never entered his smithy again.

The questor needs to return to Gustbran and return the hammer to him. He then gets the spirit to apologise and pay weregeld to the smith. If the questor can convince the smith to share his heat with the spirit then Gustbran will forge a fire pot and fill it with burning coals. He will give this pot to the spirit and instruct him to bury it in the ground to keep his wife warm.

Station 6: The Homecoming

Return to the Mundane World

Orlanth returned to his stead and held a feast. Icy Wind returned to his mountain - after swearing alliance to Orlanth - and planted the fire pot in the ground which explains the Winter Flowers that flourish in the nooks and crannies of the highest peaks. Gustbran had his heat back and returned to his smithy.

The hero must return to Orlanth's Hall. From there, he crosses back to the Mundane World again by using his Mythology of Orlanth skill with the same rating as when he crossed into the God Plane, plus the effects of carryover.

If the quest was successful, the quester will have retrieved a magical hammer from the Gods Plane and given it to the clan's smith. If the quest was done for the benefit of the helpers then they will be free of troll troubles for the duration of the effects of the quest; if the quester did the quest for his own gain then he will have become marked as a Troll-Friend and will have good relations with the local trolls and will have gained (or enhanced) his powers of wind.

Station Complete Victory Major Victory Minor Victory Marginal Victory Tie Marginal Defeat Minor Defeat Major Defeat Complete Defeat
Orlanth's Hall (Critical)43210XXXX
Meeting Kitor (critical)43210XXXX
The Mountain43210-1-2-3-4
Icy Wind's Cave43210-1-3-5-7
Gustbran's Smithy43210-1-2-3-4
Final Carryover24181260-4-9-14-19

June 2, 2000

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