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The Arming of Vingkot

- by Wesley Quadros

- as told by Holmgang-Gutjoral

Vingkot was the High King of the Storm People while Orlanth was away during the late Storm Age. Vingkot was a mighty warrior and war captain; leading invasions of the Solar Realm, the Troll holds and Valind's Glacier.

Vingkot is the Heortling god of victory and is offered sacrifice before every battle - he is given a portion, usually one in seven, of the battlefield plunder afterwards.

To aid in Vingkot's rituals the godyr will perform the Arming of Vingkot.

When the Winds grew cold and Elmal's light faltered, the High King prepared to battle the implacable foe.

Vingkot called his dishthane; and his swordthane; and his spear thane; and his shieldthane.

First the dishthane, Fianganos, stepped forth and painted Vingkot in the armour of woad. He traced designs of power on the king's troubled face; stamina on his deep chest; strength on his corded arms; and speed on his mighty legs. Vingkot's back was left bare for no foe would ever see it.

Next Fianganos pulled a white tunic over Vingkot's head, long of sleeve to protect from Valind's bitter cold. He wrapped the king in a heavy kilt, intricately woven by the winter wife. The kilt was made from Mahome's hair and would steam in the cold morning air. Fianganos pulled Vingkot's hair back from his face and tied it with a bright-blue ribbon, a gift from the summer wife.

Then Korval, the shieldthane, stepped up to the High King and lifted a thick mail coat over Vingkot's head - Blade Bane it was called and it could not be pierced by any man's blade. Korval strapped a golden belt named Victory, taken from the solar general Mekrian, around the mail coat.

Vingkokt's Battleboar, Inevitable Rornal, the swordthane, hung the sword Ice, taken from Valind, from the belt. Then he took up the heavy bearskin cloak, taken from the bear-daimon Dregnir, and draped it over the King's shoulders.

Korval handed the King the shield, called Shadow, that Vingkot won from Gorteg the troll. Voron-Guther, the spearthane, put Vingkot's battle spear, Flashing - a gift from Elmal when Vingkot was younger - in the King's left hand.

Rornal handed Vingkot the helm, Glory, the king took it in his right hand, and like he always did, he placed it upon his head himself.

Ready now, Vingkot strode from Victory Hall and stepped onto his waiting chariot. He called out to the battle-boars, Relentless and Inevitable, that pulled him to battle and thundered off to war.

The Ritual

A sword named Ice, taken from Valind (+1)
A shield named Shadow, taken from Gorteg the Troll (+1)
A bear-cloak named Dregnir
A spear named Flashing, gifted by Elmal (+1)
A golden belt named Victory (+1)
A mail coat named Blade's Bane (+1)
A spectacle helm named Glory (+1)
A fine kilt from his winter wife
A ribbon in his hair from his summer wife
A white tunic
A chariot pulled by the boars Relentless and Inevitable (+3)

The remaining items give a cumulative +1 for a total of +10.


March 12, 2001

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