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- By Greg Varga

Yinkin the Little Brother Spirit

Yinkin is the Little Brother Spirit. He is the Great Alynx Spirit and the father of that cat breed that is so loyal to Orlanth. Yinkin is noted for his catlike and sensual qualities, and can teach his followers how to discover the alynx within themselves. During the Darkness Yinkin wandered the woods and wilds, often helping lost humans and preying upon monsters and Chaos. He saved the Frozen God that way, who was his brother Orlanth, and so helped in the Lightbringerís Quest.

Yinkini Hsunchen are a very small group hidden deep in the Indigo Mountains. They keep cordial relations with the local trolls but usually stay away from the trollís keeps. None know where they came from or how long they have been there. ...

The Tradition

Entry Requirements: none.

Physical Skills: Craft fetish, Draw summoning circle, Jump, Climb.

Mental Skills: Yinkin tradition knowledge, Yinkin Myths, Flirt, Light Sleeper, Shamanic escape, Spirit combat, Spirit sight, Spiritworld travel.

Traditional Spirits: Alynx Spirits (Grow Claws, Catís Eyes, Dexterity, Run Fast)
Air Spirits (Hear far, Strong Wind, Speak on Wind)

Special Spirits: Combat Spirits, Hunter Spirits, Cloud Stalker Spirits.

Spirit Allies: Alynx Spirits, Air Spirits.

Fetch: Alynx Spirits.

Fetishes: Yinkin use alynx paws, teeth, fur and medicine bundles.

Secret: Shape Change to Alynx.

Worshippers: Yinkini are very rare. They are mainly found in the Lizardwood Forest and occasionally visit Alone.

Other Side: Yinkinís Lair is hidden in the Forest of Winds, which is in the Vale of Four Winds, in the Spirit World. After death his worshippers stalk the most elusive game through the dangerous woods, exulting in the risk and enjoying themselves to utmost excitement. When they have grown bored with this they are sent back as Alynx spirits to aid their brethern.

Other Connections: Yinkini shamans are often befriended by wild alynxes. Yinkin has a close relationship with Odayla, and worshippers of these two entities are often found together.

Disadvantages: These shamans are accepted by the Storm pantheon, but members are still outcasts from normal Heortling society.

Special Spirits

Cloud Stalker
Might: 6-10w
Could Stalker spirits are air spirits that hide in the clouds. They can be integrated an will allow the shaman to stalk through the clouds unseen.

Might: 16-15w
Combat spirits are part of Orlanth's warband. They are usually held in fetishes such as weapons and armour our may be integrated. These spirits help by augmenting leadership and fighting abilities.

Might: 14-12w
Hunter Spirits are spirits of the woods and prey. They include Smell Prey spirits, See Invisible Tracks spirits and Stalk Treetops spirits.

June 8, 2000

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