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- By Wesley Quadros


Yestendos is a minor god from Darjin. He hatched in SurEnslib's second clutch, called the Old Ancestors. The Old Ancestors lived in the Old Bog but Yestendos, who walked upright, could not live in the water properly. He saw a reed floating by one day and sat on it to get out of the murky waters. He slowly added more reeds to his boat until he was entirely dry and could paddle around with ease.

When SurEnslib took Verundom to mate Yestendos taught the Protector how to make reed boats and helped him build the first pleasure barge. Yestendos taught all of the children of the seventh clutch, Verundom's children how to make reed boats and huts and to bind them into communities. His gifts and knowledge allowed the Darjini people to survive the great flood and to avoid the many enemies who would have slain them for their customs.

Today Yestendos is worshiped as the Reed Boatman, The Wader and the Husband of SurEnslib. He is the god of the Darjini boat builders and sailors.

Initiate Membership

Worshipers: Initiates of Yestendos make the reed boats that the marsh people need to make their way through the bogs. They know how to select the correct reeds, how to dry them, how to bind them into bundles, and how to weave those bundles into small boats. Initiates help the Boatmasters building the larger barges that their communities float apon. Initiates also know how to sail their boats and the crews of the Empire's flying moonboats are comprised of Yestendos worshipers.

Requirements: A worshiper of Yestendos must know how to weave the reeds of the marsh, how to craft those reeds into a boat, he must know how to sail that boat and he must know his way around the marsh. (succeed at each skill test). Skills - Weave reed, Craft reed boat, Sail small boat, Knowledge of Marsh Lore.

Spirit Magic:
Demoralise, Mobility, Summon marsh creature, Control marsh creature

Boat Masters of Yestendos (Rune Lords)

Special Divine Magic

Encumber Foreigner --- 1 pt
Range, temporal, stackable, reusable
This spell is cast on a foreigner and causes them to sink into the mud if on foot or run aground if in a boat while they are in the marsh.

Hie boat --- 1 pt
range, temporal, stackable, reusable
This spell must be cast on a moving boat. Each point of the spell increases the entire boat's speed by 5 knots/point.

Walk on Mud --- 1 pt
ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
This spell allows the user to walk over mud and quicksand like it was wet sand. He will leave footprints and any other evidence of his passing.

Worshipers: Boatmasters of Yestendos are the master ship builders of the marshes. They teach the young the arts of weaving the reeds and drying the reeds. They design and build the larger barges and the river-going boats. Boatmasters usually have postitions of great responsibility and respect within their clans as they are the captains of the larger ships and they hold the secrets of their contruction.

Requirements: Must be 90% in Marsh Lore, Craft boat and two other skills that would help a boatman in the marshes.

Common Divine Magic: All.

Special Divine Magic: Hie boat, Encumber foreigner, Walk on Mud, Float

Other Connections

Associated Cults:

SurEnslib is Yestendos' wife in Darjin and gives him the divine spell "Orgy".
Biselenslib is Yestendos' wife in Henjarl and gives him the divine spell "Hide in Marsh".
Borkolar is the Marsh Huntsman, he gives Yestendos the divine spell "Sure Cast Net".
The local river goddess gives Yestendos the divine spell "Calm Waters".

Other Connections: All of the Imperial moonboats are built and crewed by Darjini Yestendos worshipers led by Vargar the Sky-Mariner devotees.

Subcults: Vargar the Sky-Mariner.

June 2, 2000

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