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- By Wesley Quadros


Who is Wachaza?

To the merfolk of Glorantha, Wachaza is the Warlord of the Ocean, he is the Master of Death, The Collector of Souls, the Terror from the Deep, and the Slayer. He leads them in war and carries home bloody plunder and wailing slaves.

Where did Wachaza Come From?

Wachaza is the son of Magasta, the Churner, and the demon Robber. Magasta made Wachaza prove his worth to him; Wachaza sent Magasta to Dalianth while he ruled on the Throne of the Deep. He successfully defeated Cepacol, the Gatherer, slaying the chaos fiend and binding his soul into a net which Wachaza now uses. When Magasta returned and heard this, he recognized Wachaza's worthiness and granted him a place in his household, he also gave him death.

With the fall of the sky gods came The Death. Without sunlight the food died and the waters stagnated. Even the depths turned turgid with algae. Chaos stalked the land and slithered through the oceans on its way to Sea-Heart, the Spike. With the collapse of Sea-Heart a great void stood in its place. Shouting his war chant, Wachaza led his father's fearless host against Nothing. The Nothing, the Void was manifest as Stagnation, absorbing all the seas and energies. Wachaza trapped Stagnation in his net allowing Magasta to dance the inside-out dance, opening the secret way to the First Drop. Thanks to Wachaza, Magasta was able to save the sea from Stagnation.

Wachaza has been the Warlord of the Ocean since The Death and continues to lead Magasta's host in battle. When the God Learners wanted to rule the waves, they turned to Wachaza to help them destroy the Waertagi. Wachaza was worshiped as the war god of the Jrusteli until their fall. The souls of those that he slays are horribly enslaved in his service.

How do I Recognize Wachaza?

Most icons of Wachaza are etched and carved into bone or ivory. The earliest images of him show a dark mass with feral yellow eyes dragging a great net. Very early Wachaza idols consist of a vial of dark fluid, like squid ink, and a pair of floating yellow ‘eyes'. It was not until the God Learners took him as God of War that he became manlike. Most statuettes from this time depict Wachza as a dark merman with a long net and a wicked trident. Waertagi tapestries usually show Wachaza as a great hulking jet blue or black demon dragging children into the deeps in a horrible net. Wachaza is not seen again until Dormal lifts the Closing. Airbreathers portray Wachaza as a large man with black armor or clothing and a deep blue cloak. He wields a long net in one hand and a cruelly barbed harpoon in the other. Two things are constant in all depictions of Wachaza, his eyes are deep yellow and feral, and his countenance is horrible.

What does Wachaza Do?

Wachaza is the god of war and death for the Magastan Pantheon. When the ocean-going folk of Glorantha need a war leader they call on Wachaza. He leads the host against their foes defeating all before him. That which is not destroyed or slain comes home as plunder or as slaves. The dead are taken to Primal Waters in Wachaza's net and from there get renewed and reborn into the world. Those that fall before Wachaza are enslaved and serve him against stagnation for eternity. Wachaza leads the fight against Stagnation, chaos, in the oceans. His net constantly churns the water keeping Stagnation from taking hold. His warriors work hard to keep Stagnation from taking over. They constantly stir things up and will help him fight it at the edge of the world after their deaths.

How Does Wachaza Fit In?

Wachaza is the primary war and death god of the oceans. All violence on and under the waves is his domain. As such there is an aura of death around his places and his initiates. This aura, and the arbitrary way he lashes out, creates great fear of him. Sacrifice is made to Wachaza to keep him from destroying them and to ensure that takes them to Primal Waters when they die. Only the most violent warriors actively worship Wachaza. During peace they are shunned and left alone. The temples serve as slave markets and dungeons for the worst criminals.

When war looms, Wachaza is given the reigns of power and told to lead his people to victory or death. The Runelords of Wachaza lead the troops; the initiates form the shock troops of the horde.

How is Wachaza Served?

Worship of Wachaza is very informal. The common merfolk of the seas avoid Wachaza as much as possible. Warriors acknowledge his supremacy in war with small sacrifices and brief prayers for blessing. All warrior gods of the oceans will have a shrine to Wachaza. Direct worship is violent and cruel

Cult Membership

Nearly all warriors in and on the oceans worship Wachaza in some way, usually through secondary worship of a less terrible god.. The truly devoted, or psychotic, will worship Wachaza directly. This is the initiation for Wachazi warriors. These warriors are infused with the wrath of the Slayer.

Special Divine Magic

Drown --- 1 pt
Range, instant, nonstackable, reusable
This spell is only effective on air breathing targets. The target's lungs fill with water, doing 1D8 points of damage to his chest if his magic points are overcome. The Breath Water spell renders the user immune to Drown, but does not heal damage already taken.

Fang of Wachaza* --- 5 pt
range, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
This spell must be cast upon a spear, javelin, dart or trident. The weapon's point(s) take on the appearance of old ivory while under the influence of this spell. Anyone struck by the weapon must resist with his CON vrs the actual damage taken through armor. If he fails to resist, he dies. If he successfully resists, he simply takes the damage rolled. Anyone slain with this spell may not be resurrected.

Sea Strength --- 2 pt
touch, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
This spell doubles the target's base STR, with no restrictions on maximum limit. The target must be in contact with sea water when the spell is cast. The target's eyes glow deep yellow while the spell lasts.

Water Spout* --- 1 pt
ranged, temporal, stackable, reusable
This creates a waterspout with a height of three meters and a diameter of one meter per point. Targets more than a meter below the surface of the water are safe from the spout. Anything caught in the spout takes 1D6 general hit point damage per Waterspout point. The target's thinnest armor helps defend against this damage.

If a ship is hit by the spout, any damage exceeding the ship's Hull Quality is done directly to the ship's Structure Points. This is done each round until the ship is out of the effect of the waterspout.

If a Whirlpool is combined with a Waterspout spell, a target can be trapped and kept from leaving the area of the Waterspout - forced to keep taking damage each round.


A candidate must have a current initiate sponsor their application.

A warrior of Wachaza must be skilled in combat(make rolls for four skills and succeed in two).

The warrior must be devoted the ways of The Slayer (make trait rolls for the cult's virtues and succeed in three)

Initiation is grisly and violent and involves animal sacrifice. Not all pass and few that fail survive to realize their error.

Initiates must sacrifice one pow to Wachaza on each High Holy Day and make a live sacrifice. The sacrifice must be an intelligent creature. If the sacrifice pleases Wachaza, he may give you a gift.

Passion received:

Love Wachaza (2d6+6)


Dodge, Swim, Scan, Net, Other Weapon, Battle.


Arbitrary, Cruel, Energetic, Reckless, Valorous.

Cult Spirit Magic:

Bladesharp, Coordination, Demoralize, Fanaticism, Mobility, Second Sight, Slow, Strength.

Divine Magic:

Initiates may sacrifice POW for the following spells on a one-use basis:
All common, Breathe air/water, Drown, Fear, Float, Sea Strength, Shield, True Spear.

Warlords of Wachaza

Warlords are Rune-priests of Wachaza. They are the most psychotic and terrible of The Terror's worshipers.


A Warlord must be a master in battle (succeed in rolls for four skills).

He must revel in the slaughter on the battle field (succeed in four of five trait rolls).

Warlords must also have pleased Wachaza with many sacrifices. Acceptance ceremonies include ritualistic combat against proxies for mythic foes like Cepacol, Stagnation and the Weartagi. To gain an allied spirit, the Warlord must defeat a shark spirit and bind it to his will.(Succeed in Valorous - 3, and defeat a spirit of 4d6-3 POW)

Passion Received:

Love War (2d6+6)


Dodge, Swim, Scan, Net, Other Weapon, Battle, Ceremony.


Arbitrary, Cruel, Energetic, Reckless, Valorous.

Cult Spirit Magic:

Detect Enemy, Dullblade.

Divine Magic:

Warlords may sacrifice for all Wachazi spells reusably. This also includes these Warlord only spells:
Fang of Wachaza, Command/Summon Undine, Waterspout.

June 8, 2000

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