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- By Martin Laurie &
Wesley Quadros


Vargar was a Yestendos sailor from Darjin during the Zero wane and witnessed the apotheosis of the Goddess, as a boy, in 0/27 (1247 ST). From this moment on he experienced visions showing the surface of Rufelza. These visions were so overwhelming that he willingly, and gratefully, converted to the Lunar Way. Vargar joined many pilgrimages to Glamour to view Rufelza from the Crater's rim. In Darjin he was fervent in converting many in his clan and fellow Darjini to the Lunar Way.

When Jannisor rebelled against the Empire, Vargar led a pirate war against the rebels from Alkoth, raiding the Alkothi river fleet and disrupting the supply flow to the main army besieging Glamour. After the fall of Jannisor he was instrumental in harrying and breaking up the remaining rebel forces and their barbarian allies.

Vargar was hailed as a hero of the Lunar Way and was granted his wish to visit the surface of the Goddess. The Emperor took him, and many new heroes of the Empire, on a fishing trip to the Occluded Sea where he was amazed to discover large growths of crimson moon-reed in the marshes there. Using his Yestendos craft and his Lunar understanding, Vargar wove the moon-reeds into a basket as a present for Verithurusa and was astonished to find that with his magics he could make the basket fly. This made him ever popular at court as he made larger and larger flying objects and flew courtiers around the Ocular Palace, much to the amusement of the reclining Rufelza. It was a natural step from this to building full-sized reed boats. Vargar found that he could fly off of the Moon's surface and anywhere within the Glow-Line at great speed as he rode the moonbeams that emanated constantly from the Goddess' glorious light.

For this and his previus feats Vargar was apotheosised and still resides upon the moon in his floating moon-reed palace on the Occluded Sea.

This cult is a very secretive group of ship captains and shipwrights who directly serve the Emperor. They consider themselves an elite group. Their numbers are limited though the Emperor spares no expense to increase them. The constantly growing moon-fleet is the result of those efforts.

Apprentice Membership (Initiates)

Worshipers: Initiates of Vargar are the apprentice Ship Masters and Ship Wrights of the cult. They are learning the secret of the moonboat, how to build it and how to sail it.

Requirements: Must be a blood descendant of a Vargari devotee and a cultist of Yestendos. Must swear an oath before the Masters of the Cult not to ever reveal any cult secret to an outsider. Must show proficiency at and knowledge of moonboats and their operations. Skills - Sail moonboat, Moonboat lore.

Spirit Magic: None.

Sky-Masters of Vargar (Rune Lords)

Special Divine Magic

Attune to Moon-beam --- 1 pt
Ritual enchantment, stackable, reusable
This ritual allows the Sky-Master to float 5 tonnes of ship and cargo per point used. The boat will fly at 10 knots for the 30-minute duration of the ritual. Every extra point used in the ritual will increase the mass by 1 tonne. By doubling the points used to get the ship moving the speed can be doubled. Sky-Masters often use large extension spells to allow the ship to move further.

IE: Two Sky-Masters with 14 points of Attune and 6 points of extension could move a 70 tonne ship 320 nautical miles in a day-and-a-half. If they had another 14 points of Attune they could increase the speed to 20 knots and cover 640 nm in the same time.

Still Tongue --- 1 pt
self, temporal, nonstackable, one-use
This spell renders the caster incapable of speech. Sky-Masters use this on the very rare occasions when they are interrogated by less than friendly people.

Worshipers: Sky-Masters are the captains and sailing officers of the great Imperial moonboat fleet. They are also the ship-wrights who evaluate the proposals by the Darjini clans who vie for the right to build the moonboats. The Vagari hold a monoply on the moon reeds and direct the construction.

Requirements: Must have 90% in Sail Moon-boat and Moon-boat lore. Must have 15 points of Yestendos or Vargari divine magic..

Special Divine Magic: Attune to Moonbeam

Other Connections

Associated Cults:

Etyries gives "Mindlink".
Rufelza gives "Command Lune".
Seven Mothers gives "Still Tongue".

Other Connections: Imperial patronage. Founding temple on the moon.

Disadvantages: Vargar's magic is cyclical like all Lunar cults.

June 2, 2000

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