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Yanafal Tarnils is the Ram, the Protector and the Champion of the Goddess. He is the Patron of the Imperial officer corps and a wargod-of-choice for many soldier and warriors within the empire.

Chaghatishi Moon-Bow - A Yanafal Tarnils Subcult - by Wesley Quadros
Chaghatishi is the Yanafal cult of the horse archer.

Cwurl Toran - A Yanafal Tarnils Hero - by Mark Galeotti and Wesley Quadros
Cwurl Toran was a Jajaloring Hound-master who adopted the ways of Yanafal Tarnils. He teaches his worshippers the skills and magics needed to master the dogs of war. He is Yanafal's Hound Master.



October 27, 2001

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