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The Magical Keywords in "SHE GUARDS US"

Authors: Martin Laurie
and Wesley Quadros

Anaxial Anaxial is an aspect of Yelm the Noble. He is the city god of Yuthuppa and the patron god of Dara Happan shipwrights and sailors.
Antirius Antirius is an aspect of Yelm. He is the god of justice and the light that brings Yelm's blessings to the people.
Aronius Joranthir Aronius Joranthir was a Carmanian knight who joined the Lunar Way. He is the god of Lunar Knights.
Avivath Avivath is an angel of Antirius. He is the commoner's justice and the righteous justice.
Bisos Carmanian version
Bisos is a servant of Idovanus. He is a patron of knights, noble families and the Carmanian freeholder farmers.
  • Bisos the Hazar - This is the knight aspect of Bisos.
  • Bisos the Freeholder - The god of Carmanian Farmers.
  • Bisos the Bull - God of the Bisosae.
Buserian Buserian is the Dara Happan clerk and star priest. He is the patron of the Imperial bureaucracy.
Crimson Bat
Danfive Xaron
Daxdarius Pelandan god of War and Generals. Patron of the Phalangite.
Derthorum Derthorum is a shamanic tradition from the back alleys of Glamour.
Donandar Dara Happan version
Eyzaal the Alchemist A sorcerer specialising in entropy.
Erissa The White Lade, goddess of healing.
Fjordaur Lunar God of Murder, the Assassin.
Ganesetarus The Dara Happan and Carmanian god of Evil.
Grevlar the Unconquered Lunar Gladiatorial God.
Hastatus The Spear.
Hon Eel
Hum'Akt Carmanian version
Hwarin Dalthippa
Invisible Orlanth
Irippi Ontor
Jakaleel Lunar Shamaness.
Juquat Founder of the Sable Nation in Kostaddi.
Kenstrata Pelandan god of Hunters.
  • Lodril the Earthfire
  • Lodril the Farmer
  • Lodril the Earth Lord
  • Lodril the Earth Spear
  • Lodril the Monsterman
Makabaeus Lunar Patron of Sorcerers. One of the many Lunar sorcerers. Patron of the Magical Colleges.
Malakinus The Carmanian school of White Sorcery.
Order of Day
Panishi Founder of the Char-Un nation. An ancestor spirit.
Rakenveg Dara Happan Trickster, Liar, Cheat, Thief.
Saggitus The Bow.
  • Shargash the Ash Lord
  • Shargash the Destoyer
  • Shargash the Purifier
  • Shargash the Dark Lord
  • Alkor
  • Horriblis Secundus
Silver Sable The spirit of the Hungary Plateau Sables.
Star Twins
Urimaz Lunar sky-god and patron of the Moonboat Marines.
Urvairinus As aspect of Yelm the Noble. Inventor of Armies and Logistics.
Valerie Addi Lunar Hero god. First of the Chronoportators, those who seek illumination through following the Goddess' path through history.
Vargar Sky-Mariner Lunar God of the Moon-Boats. A Herocult of Yestendos.
Varnaga Dara Happan god of Crocodiles, Defender of Oslira, God of Bandits and Pirates.
Veng The Rinliddi god of Augners, the mount of the Avilry. Patron of the Rinliddi Warriors.
Vrimak An aspect of Yelm. Patron of the Avilry, chief god of Rinliddi.
Yanafal Tarnils
Yara Aranis Horse Eater, Goddess of the Reaching Moon, Defender of the Empire.
Yelm the Noble
Yestendos Darjini god of the Reed Boat.


June 15, 2000

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