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- By Wesley Quadros
and Ian Thomson
Thanks to Greg Stafford


Pavis was a hero and visionary who was driven by his spiritual connection to the Green Age. He learned from the Issaries cult the story of lost Genert, from the elves the ways of plants and from the dwarfs the ways of stone. He had the gifts of making friends, bringing opposing sides together, and inspiring others with the enthusiasm of his dreams. He came to Robcradle to liberate the ruins that surrounded a Green Age holy site now centered upon Mani's Fort, and stayed to found a city from where he and his friends could explore ceremonies to revive the wonders of that bygone era. When the city was securely founded and the magic underway, Pavis, who had exhausted himself to realise this dream, retired into the Garden of Getenak (a magical Green Age site cared for by the spirit worshipped by Mani and his clan). From here he is still able to watch over his people and provide them with limited assistance, especially within the ruins of his city.

Despite the destruction of the city, Pavis' dreams have not been totally forgotten, and the dwarf followers of his friend Flintnail preserve much traditonal magics in their underground chambers (and are now slowly teaching such things back to the most trusted members of Pavis' cult.) This restoration of magical lore is deliberately obscured by the Cult, which values its privacy. These days Pavis is remembered mainly just as a city builder and former citizen of the Empire of the Wyrms' Friends. It is fairly well known that he was a half-elf, and this unusual state of being is widely (and correctly) believed to be a result of unusual magic available during the days of the bizarre 'EWF'. His spirit is said to reside in the New Pavis temple, however his true home is the magnificent translucent temple at the Real City. (See "Holiday Glorantha: The Real City" in 'Ye Booke of Tentacles 3' Tentacles Press, 2000) Most members of Old City families are at least Initiates of his cult, and most residents of New Pavis are Lay Members. The Cult provides a social and economic support network for its adherents, as well as normal religious benefits.

Entry Requirements: Pavic-born or adopted by the city.

Physical Skills: Masonry.

Mental Skills: Know Compass Direction within Old City, Loyalty to Pavis Cult

Affinities: Building Magic (Support Wall, Dress Stone, Cut Stone, Hearten Workers)
City Harmony (Promote Peaceful Feelings, Assist Resolutions, Comprehend Visitor)
Elemental Harmony (Summon/Command Earth Spirit, Dismiss spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, Darkness or Water)

Worshippers: Citizens of Pavis

Other Side: Pavis' Palace sits on Flowing Hill in Genert's Garden. His followers join him there, assist in his projects, and may dance and play with creatures of the Green Age. They may heal and grow, and then will be returned to the cycle of life. From the Palace, worshippers may exit to Flintnail's Workshop, or to Genert's Garden and thence to the Green Age.

Other Connections: Pavis and Flintnail are firm friends, and Zola Fel is a close ally.

Disadvantages: Pavis is a City Cult and many abilities are designed to work within, or adjacent to, the city walls.


For details of these, and other Pavic cults, keep your eyes open for an upcoming Tentacles Press release.

Opili the Protector
Opili is the City's defender.

Inner Circle of Membership
Many members of the cult are members of an inner circle, secret to outsiders, which is forwarding the great works of Pavis.

Related Cults

For details of these, and other Pavic cults, keep your eyes open for an upcoming Tentacles Press release.


Zola Fel


June 23, 2000

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