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Orlanth the Dragon Friend

- By Wesley Quadros

From discussions with
Richard Fenner, Pam Carlson
and Martin Laurie

From about 575 to 1042 there was a empire in what is now called Tarsh and the Grazelands. This was an empire of Dragon worshiping people, many of whom had been or were still worshiping Orlanth.

Orlanth is the King of Gods, he is the storm, the husband of Ernalda and father of the storm tribes. Orlanth brought justice to the world and peace when he learned to dance with his Inner Dragon.

When Orlanth learned of peace from Ernalda, he went forth and sought peace with his foes. There were few remaining who still fought with him and all were happy to accept peace except the dragons, for he could not speak with them.

Orlanth called his Speaking Companion to him but he could not speak to the dragons either. Issaries told Orlanth that only Drolgard would be able to speak with the great wyrms so Orlanth summoned her and gave her guest right. Drolgard came and taught Orlanth the thing that lets people speak to dragons. She brought forth her lover, Arangorf, the Inner Dragon, and Orlanth made peace with the dragons.

When next Orlanth went forth in the world, he found he had been inhabited by Arangorf. He did not fear this, and actually sought the opportunity to try this new experience. Obduran the Flyer showed his people in the EWF that you could still worship Orlanth while following the Draconic Way by recognizing this Inner Dragon and experiencing it as Orlanth had.

As Orlanth showed, you can get closer to Oneness with the Cosmos by making peace with your Inner Dragon. By following the Draconic Way you learn how to be in harmony with your Inner Dragon and progress along the path to becoming a dragon. Some followers of this aspect of Orlanth were warriors, some farmers, but most were priests of Orlanth who could see the deeper meanings and understand the teachings of the dragonewts. These followers now work to spread the Draconic way, some maneuver their clan chiefs to lead the clan onto The Path, others join the Hunting-Waltzing bands that travel the lands spreading the word.

The Draconic Path is a difficult one to travel far on. It is a mystical path more than a theistic one. Followers of Orlanth the Dragonfriend still sacrifice to Orlanth and still have access to the powers of the storm. But, most of their time is spent exploring the mysteries of the Draconic Way. This involves a lot of meditating, learning to control their emotions, and traveling the Other Side seeking knowledge.

The greatest challenge for those who would walk The Path is to separate themselves from this existence. On The Path, great power is to be had as one nears union with the Cosmos. The only way to continue further on The Path is not to use that power in this existence; to do so would tie that person to this reality and slow, stop, or even reverse their progress to Oneness.

The next challenge is control over one’s emotions. Those who would achieve Oneness must react with conscious deliberation at all times. Emotions tie one to this existence.

Entry Requirements: You must be playing in the time of the EWF to take this keyword or else have your GM’s permission.

Physical Skills: none.

Mental Skills: Control Emotions, Hunting and Waltzing, Meditate, Obduran Philosophy, Speak Auld Wyrmish.

Hunting and Waltzing (Eclectic Dance, Harmonious Voice, Humorous Insight, Persuasive Tongue)
Cosmic Awareness (Know the Truth of Something, Know the Nature of Something, Understand Something’s Place in the Universe, See Arangorf)
Be Dragon (Dragon Talons, Dragon Thews, Dragon Reflexes, Dragon Scales, Breath Lightning Bolts, Dragon Wings, Dragon Tail) Usually the character’s patron teaches them 3-4 of these feats and the character will have to learn the rest themselves during play.

Secret: Become a Storm Dragon (character shape-shifts into a small dragon and IS a dragon. This skill can augment the Dragon magical feats. This skill can never be more than ½ of Oroburos Philosophy.)

Worshippers: Priests and pseudo-mystics in 2nd Age Dragon Pass who wished to gain a better understanding of the Cosmos by following the teachings of the EWF.

Other Side: Orlanth’s Hall stands in the centre of Orlanth’s Stead, which lies at the centre of the Storm Realm. From it initiates may exit to the Storm Age or Darkness Age, or into the realm of the Sky or Underworld, depending on where the constellation is. After death worshippers go to Orlanth’s Hall where they explore the cosmos with Arongorf and participate in the Eternal Dance.

Other Connections: All members have a Dragon newt patron who guides them on their path to Oroboric Understanding.

Disadvantages: The cult died with the EWF. Most people in Dragon Pass do not trust dragons or anything draconic.

June 8, 2000

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