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Orlanth is the King of the Gods. He is the Storm Lord and the Master of Thunder. You will find heroes here of the Wind Lord.

The Cult of Orlanth the Dragon Friend

Orlanth is the King of Gods and brought peace to the world by learning how to talk to his Inner Dragon. Hero Wars write-up

The Subcult of Fennoreth the Flying Girl

Fennoreth the Flying Girl is the feminine aspect of Orlanth Thunderous.

The Hero-Cult of Drum Thunder

by Chris Bell

Drum Thunder is a child of one of Orlanth's mightiest Daimones and one of Kyger Litorís Shades. Humans learn some of the powers of the Darkness to fight Chaos from Drum Thunder. Hero-Wars version.

The Hero-Cult of Hengkot Kingsbane

by Mark Galeotti

Hengkot was a warrior, not the brightest nor the strongest, but one filled with a strong sense of Justice. When an unjust king ignored the laws of Heort Hengkot led the fight to remove him but was slain for his efforts. Hero-Wars version.

The Hero-Cult of Heorot Horn-Taker

by Wesley Quadros

Heorot Horn-Taker was a noble leader and mighty warrior. His war-horn could unsettle any foe and his javelins would fly to the horizon. Heorot fought the Praxians and bound the spirits of their riding beasts into their severed horns. He taught his people magics to use against the nomads. PenDragon Pass version

The Hero-Cult of Mitchuinn Moonhater

by Martin Laurie and Wesley Quadros

Mitchuinn is a hero god dedicated to the destruction of the Lunar Empire. He is a specialised aspect of Vingkot the Victorious. PenDragon Pass and Hero Wars write-ups.

June 14, 2001

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