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- By David Boatright

Orkarl Cat Dancer
A subcult for Yinkin

Orkarl was a hunter and devotee of Yinkin. So close was he to his god that he spent more time with the steads Alynxes, than providing meat for the table. Eventually the chieftain had had enough, and told Orkarl that he had to prove his worth to the clan, rather than sunning himself in the yard.

Orkarl retorted that Donandarson did not seem to have much trouble getting his supper at night, after a day of sitting on his backside simply strumming his harp. `Donandarson proves his worth every night by helping us forget the days hardships, with his clever songs and skilful playing', said the chieftain. Angered, Orkarl said that if a show of skill was what the chieftain wanted , then Orkarl would show the chieftain something which would amaze him. With that he jumped to the rafters of the longhouse. Leaping across roof beams and scampering up roof supports where nothing compared to the death defying dives and mid air twisting that he performed as he danced through the rafters. When he finally put his feet to the ground the chieftain and his guests cheered Orkarl long and loud.

The chieftain told Orkarl that from that day forward there would always be a bowl for him at his table as long as he amused the clan with his antics. Even Donadarson was impressed, and composed a special tune to accompany Orkarl's aerial dancing, also giving him the name Cat Dancer.

Affinities: Cat Antics (Reach rafters, Climb hall tree, Climb wall hangings, Balance on shoulders, Mid air acrobatics)

March 29, 2002

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