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Mitchuinn Moonhater

- by Martin Laure and
Wesley Quadros

A Herocult of Vingkot the Victorious.

Mitchuinn Moonhater was an Orlanthi chieftain from Dara-Ni who fled from the Empire in the 1300’s. As he crossed the Death-Line in what is now Tarsh he swore to fight the Empire and bring it crashing down on itself and he made all his followers swear the same dire oath.

Mitchuinn soon carved his own tribe out of the clans in the area and continued raiding the Empire. After one skirmish where he slew Hwarrin Dulthippa’s son and took his ring Mitchuinn found a way to enter the Lunar Heroplane. Leaving his hall unannounced he prepared himself for a battle against the chaos of the Empire. Mitchuinn re-enacted the preparations Vingkot made before he fared forth the fight chaos. Clad only in his war-paint, with the ring of Phirmax on his finger, the shield Njolliur strapped to his arm and the sword Moonbiter clenched in his fist Mitchuinn stepped onto the Heroplane and strode forth to combat chaos as Vingkot did.

Mitchuinn leapt onto Hwarrin’s Upper road, the Hero Road, directly before her and her body-guards. Moonbiter sang and Njolliur danced as Mitchuiin carved his bloody way through her guards. He hacked the Queen so hard Njolliur crushed her shield and arm and clove her helm in twain. At this point Hwarrin called on a mighty chaos demon to defend her and proved the Empire’s ties to Chaos. Like Vingkot, Mitchuinn fell with a horrible chaos wound and was rescued by his followers who hurried back to Mitchuinn Hall with their mortally wounded leader. The wound did not kill him, as Vingkot’s did not kill him, but caused him great pain. He passed his knowledge to his people and had himself burned on a pyre, again like Vingkot, after which his spirit became an avenging force dedicated to the Empire’s fall.

Mitchuinn is worshipped in all lands where the Empire has conquered Orlanthi. He gives his followers powerful magics to fight the Empire and demands total devotion to his cause. No member of the cult may ever treat with the Empire or its agents for any reason. The cult is hunted throughout the Empire’s borders and beyond but the more they hunt, the harder it gets to find. The cult fights a vicious guerrilla war against the Empire where there are no innocents. They slaughter any and all citizens they find be they warriors, farmer, young, old, man or woman.

Initiate Membership

Skills: Those who would follow Mitchuinn must be capable warriors, brave and hate the Empire absolutely and utterly. Have Weapon at 15, and 10 in three of Awareness, Battle, Oratory, Riding, Stealth, Weapon. Make a Valorous test and a Proud test. Gain the passion “Hate Lunar” at 2d6+6.

Spirit Magic: Detect Lunar, Fanaticism, Protection, Bladesharp.

Divine Magic: Worship Orlanth, Bless Woad, Command/Summon Sylph, Enchant Iron, Flight, Shield.

Windlords (Runelords)

Requirements: 18 in Sword and Hate Lunar and four of Awareness, Battle, Oratory, Riding, Speak (Stormspeech), Stealth, Weapon.

Special Divine Magic: Battle Luck, Great Parry, Shield Break, True Sword, Banish Lune.

Other Connections

Associated Cults: Mastakos (Teleport), Urox (Face Chaos).

Hero Wars Stats

Entry Requirements: Complete and total dedication to the destruction of the Lunar Empire and all of its institutions. Must be an initiate or devotee of Vingkot the Victorious or Orlanth the Warrior.

Physical Skills: Move Silently

Mental Skills: Knowledge of Mitchuinn Lore, Hate Lunar, Knowledge of Lunar tactics.

Hate Lunar (Shield of Vengeance, Moonhating Blade, Smite Chaos, Banish Lune, Iron Will)

Secret: Walk Lunar Heroplane (character suffers no penalties from being in a foreign place in the heroplane. This skill can augment attempts to enter the Lunar heroplanes.)

Worshippers: Warriors and Priests dedicated to destroying the Lunar Empire. The cult is strong with the Tarsh exiles around Wintertop and can be found anywhere that Lunars oppress the Orlanthi but is very weak in Lunar dominated territories.

Other Connections: Moonhaters work with other resistance bands to fight the Empire. They are usually well connected in the rebel movment.

Disadvantages: The Empire has declared the cult outlawed and will harry any known worshippers to the death. The cult’s fanaticism means they cannot and will not ever agree to appeasement or collaboration with the Empire - no matter what the reason.

June 8, 2000

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