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Kargzant Tradition Knowledge

The Char-Un riders are animist worshipers of the Sun and the spirits around them. Their religion, or tradition, is led by the shamans of Kargzant and of ma-Tamara, the Sun and the Moon.

Other Side and Afterlife

Kargzant's realm is the rolling verdant steppe of the Wandering Sun in the Spirit World. The Sun Stallion rules the Steppe with ma-Tamara. After death Kargzant's worshipers fight and hunt with Kargzant and his sons against great spirit foes.

Sun-Speaker (Shaman)
Sun-Speakers lead the Char-Un spiritually. They commune with the spirits and the ancestors and guide the Char-Un in their interactions with the Spirit World. Sun-Speakers recognise other Char-Un who have fetches and guide their lives until they are ready for their Spirit Horse to be awakened.

Requirements: Must have a fetch that can be awakened and already be a member of the Kargzant Tradition.
Physical Abilities: Drumming
Mental Abilities: Intimidate
Shamanic Abilities: Ride Spirit Horse (Spirit World Travel), Shamanic Escape, Spirit Sight, Spirit Combat
Medicine Bundle: Each shaman returns from the Spirit World for the first time with his medicine bundle, which he uses to worship and call forth his fetch. The contents vary depending on the shaman and his relationship to his Spirit Horse, all contain different types of feathers, pieces of amber, horse teeth, sun-bleached grass and other sacred items. All are tightly wrapped in felt and wound round with horse sinews.
Core Practice: Sun Stallion (Male) or Moon Mare (Female) Practice.
Helper Practices:
Standard of Living: Prosperous.
Equipment: Drum, Ritual Equipment, Riding Horse.

Core Practices
There are many practices within the tradition, and worshippers generally progress through the core practices as they move through life. They may well take part in the rites of some or many of the other practices, but do not delve into their specific secrets. Thus, a Warrior who always observes Sunishi's rites might also take part in some within the Folien practice if he has to face darkmen. Thus, Char-Un Tradition Knowledge may replace a Relationship with any of the tradition's practices, albeit with a penalty of -6.

A practice may be seen as a cult by a theist as it is worship that is directed to a specific great spirit and his followers. A core practice is one that is essential and central to the tradition; it defines the tradition.

The Sun Stallion
Kargzant is the most powerful spirit in the Char-Un tradition. He is the Sun Stallion, the source of fire, the Guide and the Life Giver. He rides through the sky by day and shows the slain to the Steppe of the Wandering Sun at night, returning again in the morning with the promise of another day. Kargzant is served by a herd of stars, planets, horses and other spirits.

Traditional Spirits:
Ancestor Spirits (provide advice, Abilities or personality traits)
Fire Spirits (typically provide Fiery Arrows, Burning Aura, Flaming Blades, Bright Light)
Hawk Spirits (typically includes See Far, Fly, See From Above)
Stallion Spirits (typical spirits include Run Far, Run on Wind, Horizon Leap, Mount Mare, Strength of the Stallion)
Spirit Allies: Horse Spirits.
Fetch: Hawk or Stallion Spirits.
Fetish: Shamans use bones, feathers and medicine bundles made of horsehide.
Secret: Channel Clan Ancestor (Heroform a clan ancestor)

Typical Ancestor:
Ride 7w3, Archery 15w2, Close Combat 12w2.

The Moon Mare
ma-Tamara is the red mare that grazes the sky overhead and watches over the People. She is seen as the moon to outsiders. She is the Moon Mare, the daughter of Lorest the Earth and wife of Kargzant the Sun Stallion. ma-Tamara is the patroness of women, mares, mothers, homes and vengeance.

Traditional Spirits:
Ancestor Spirits (provide advice, Abilities or personality traits)
Earth Spirits (typically provide Healing Poultice, Verdant Pasture, Endurance of Stone, Warm Ground)
Mare Spirits (typically includes Run Far, Fertility, Horizon Leap, Grace in Motion)
Lunar Spirits (typical spirits include Madness, Blast Mind, Recognise Enemy)
Spirit Allies: Horse Spirits.
Fetch: Mare or Night Hawk Spirits.
Fetish: Shamans use braided horsehair, painted sigils and medicine bundles made from horsehide.
Secret: Empassion Husband (Acts like an integrated passion spirit for all attempts to motivate your husband)
Other Connections: ma-Tamara shamans are friendly with the Lunar Church.
Disadvantages: Subservient to men unless on the Path of Fire, may not deal with spirits other than those of earth or moon. Considered primitive and barbaric by most Lunars. Lunar spirits are subject to the Lunar cycle.




August 4, 2000

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