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The founder of Joranit

-by Wesley Quadros

Joran was a true hero of the Lenshi and blessed with Buserian's foresight. He foresaw the three Trials of the Lenshi and resolved to protect his people.

This is what Joran saw the first time: He saw the fires of war sweep the land. He saw a golden king with three orbs over his head leading the ravaging horde.

Joran sought a place of refuge for his people from which they could fight this foe. He came to a basaltic outcrop on the shore of the White Sea and saw that this was the resting place for a great giant, NourTar. Joran strode onto the rocky point and thrust his spear deep into the earth and the giant's neck. The land shuddered and groaned. Joran twisted his spear to the east and the giant bled. Slabs of volcanic rock sprang up to ward the land. Joran twisted his spear to the west and the giant kicked. Chasms opened in the rock face and a channel formed separating the point from the land. Joran twisted his spear to the south and the giant lifted his head. The rocky point rose from the water to present a towering cliff to the ocean. Once more Joran twisted his spear, to the north; the giant cried out in pain and his tears poured from fissures in the rock springing forth as invigorating hot springs.

Onto this fortified headland Joran lead his people and they built a city there named after him.

Joran left his spear jutting from the stone and it stands there still. It is said that if the spear is removed then NourTar will rise and the city will be destroyed.

This is what Joran saw the second time: The oceans rising and inundating the land. He saw darkness riding the waves and engulfing his people.

And so Joran walked into the waters and strode across the bottom of the White Sea. He came to the Well of Kentyran, defeated the guardian, Yurtyran the Kraken and bound it to serve him. He passed through the Well and into the underworld. Then he seduced the Mother of Darkness and took her token. In that castle, deep in the underworld, he found Bethegus the Boatman and released him from his bonds. Joran climbed back up the Well and met Keninke, daughter of Kentyran, who he bested in a contest of riddles. He brought Keninke back to his city and wed her before his people. As her dowry she shared the secrets of the 27 types of whale oil and their uses. After the wedding, Joran built a temple to Yurtyran and to Bethegus to protect his people from the oceans and to bless their maritime endeavours.

It is said that if ever the sacrifices are not made to Yurtyran then he will leave Joranit and no ship will ever be safe on the White Sea again.

What Joran's third vision was he told no-man nor did he reveal his preparations.

Nature of the Cult
Joran is the founder and patron of the city of Joranit and the kings of Karasal. He is various aspects are worshipped by nobles, priests, whalers and spearmen. The Satrap of Karasal, sitting on the Throne of Karasal is the cult's patron and highest initiate. In all aspects, he is fiercely indepentant and jealously guards his people and their ways.

Magic Keyword

Mundane Abilities: Endure Weather, Myths of Joran, Swim
Virtues: Independent
Earth Fire (Draw heat from earth, Command earth daimone, Mould basalt)
Water Master (Heat water, swim, calm waves)
Otherside: Joran's Palace is in the Solar Realm on the shores of the White Sea. From his throne room worshippers can exit to the Silver Age of the Heroplane. After death, Jorani join their god in hunting the lands and sailing the waters around the palace.
Other Connections To some, Joran is an aspect of Yelm. To others he is an aspect of Kargzant. To most Karasali, he is his own god, beholden to none.



Joran the Bright King
Followers of this sub-cult worship Joran as the patron of the Kings of Karasal and the nobility. This is the portion of Joran that overcame the Kraken, rescued the Boater and married the Whale Daughter. The Bright King's feats bring order and safety to the city.

Mundane Abilities: Appease Populace
Virtues: Noble
Bright King (Radiant Presence, Command Obedience, Commune with Predecessor)
Earth Fire feats: Warm Follower

Water Master feats:

Command Yurtyranling daimone, Bring Forth Water
Secret: Foresee Danger (This ritual can be used to predict threats to the worshipper and his followers.)

Joran the Wall-Maker
Followers of this subcult worship Joran as the founder of Joranit and first leader of the city. The city's administrators and many members of the local noble houses take Joran as their patron. The Wall-Maker's blessings bring peace and prosperity to the city.

Mundane Abilities: City Politics, Knowledge of City Laws, Make Speech, Pacify Dissent
Virtues: Fair
  City Father (Bless Craftsman ritual, Bless Granary ritual, Bless Ship ritual, Bless animal ritual, Bless wall ritual, Bring harmony)
Earth Fire feats: Warm Home
Water Master feats: Purify Water
Secret: Ward City (This secret may be used to augment any attempt to protect the city or a citizen of the city.)


Jastan the Harpooner
Jastan was a son of Joran and followed his father as ruler of Joranit. He was the Harpooner and the spearman. Jastan was the first to take Joran's knowledge of the whale and sail upon the White Sea hunting them. Followers of this cult are the daring leaders of the whaling ships or spearmen in the city's regiments.

Mundane Abilities : Close Combat (Spear and Shield), Ranged Combat (Throw Harpoon)
Virtues: Hard-Bitten
Harpooning (Stand Steady, Horizon Throw, Golden Tip, See Through Spray, See Far)
Earth Fire feats: Foil Hollri, Strength of the Earth
Secret: Catch Prey (This secret may be used to augment any attempt to find and catch the worshipper's prey.)


April 15, 2002

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