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Humakt is the Lord of Death, the God of War and the Swordsman. You will find here heros of Humakt, the Grim Warrior.

The Hero-Cult of the Gwandor

by Martin Laurie

He lead the Stonewater and Kortyling clans against the Telmori. He showed everyone that Humakt gave magic that was helpful in battle against the werewolf people and he fought against them for many years. He protected the herds. He founded the Gwandor clan and watches over them still.


Skills:bonus to tactics vrs Telmori
Rune spell: Wolfblade, 1 POW, sword does double damage to Telmori, even in wolf form. May be combined with True Sword.
Hero Wars:

Skills: Knowledge of Telmori customs, Anti-Telmori Tactics.

Affinity: Anti-Telmori (Strike Wolf, Mask Odour, No Trail, Imitate Wolf Cry, Grant Morale vs. Telmori)

June 15, 2000

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