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Herald Goodvoice

- by Ian Thomson

An Issaries Sub-Cult


Cults of Prax (Chaosium 1979)
Pavis and the Big Rubble (Moon Design 1999)
Hero Wars: Role-playing in Glorantha (Issaries 2000)

Mythos and History

Herald Goodword is the son of Issaries and Mother Language, and combines his father's oratory and wandering with his mother's skill with languages. Herald specialises in the skills of his father, but does not trade goods. Instead he trades his services as a strictly neutral party to all who need him, especially between opposing forces. He carries words between them always with honesty and good will.

In Prax this sub cult has survived amongst the Zebra People alone, and even here had almost died out before Olgkarth Arrow-eye re-established his people as valuable neutrals amongst the Praxian tribes. The worshippers of Herald act mainly as neutral emissaries amongst antagonistic nomad tribes. They are also messengers and dispatch riders, carrying proclamations, terms, news, and tokens across the plains. Their role has become a very popular one amongst the nomad tribes of Prax, and many unnecessary conflicts have been averted.

Since the conception of their role by Olgkarth, it has evolved to include the transportation of written messages, and the occasional gift, between settlements and outposts across the plains. Even the Lunars use their reliable services (although not for sensitive material), and several regular delivery routes have been established. (The riders of course vary the days of the journey and the actual trails used, so as to avoid bandits, but the point of departure and destination remain the same.)

Entry Requirements: Member of the Zebra Tribe

Physical Skills: Long-lasting voice, Call Zebra with Piercing Whistle.

Mental Skills: Memorize, Speak with Tact, Orate, Mythology of Issaries, Mythology of Herald Goodword, Speak (Language), Read/Write (Language), Speak (Tradetalk)

Communication (Encourage Trust, Interpret Spoken Language, Diffuse Hostility, Impressive Oratory)
Travel (Sense Ambush, Cover Tracks, Find Escape Route, Find Trail, Protection whilst Sleeping, Haste Mount)

Secret: The Message Must Get Through (When attacked by a potentially overwhelming force or delayed by dangerous natural events, the Devotee may automatically succeed at a single final action related directly to continuing the mission. This is allowed during any contest where he has used his Travel affinity, even if he would normally not be allowed a final action.)

Worshippers: General Messengers and Special Envoys in Prax.

Other Side: Herald Goodword is welcome at any place belonging to Issaries or one of the other Lightbringers. After death his followers carry messages between the various steads, halls, and even other realms, until they are reborn.

Other Connections: Issaries is one of the Lightbringers.

July 25, 2000

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