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Heorot Horn-Taker

- by Wesley Quadros

An Orlanth the Warrior Hero Cult

Heorot Horn-Taker was an Orlanthi hero who taught his people how to fight the Praxians.

Heorot discovered that Horn hill had been where Orlanth had departed on a quest to stop Waha's sons from raiding his people. Orlanth met Tramples-the-Plains, one of Waha's sons, as his warband rampaged through the Marches. Orlanth and his band defeated Tramples-the-Plain. Orlanth planted the horns from Tramples-the-Plain's riding beast on the crest of Horn Hill as a warning to the rest of Waha's sons. Issaries wrote runes of warning on the horns so all would know what they meant.

Heorot used this knowledge to summon the powers of Orlanth Horn-Taker and led his people to several victories over the nomads. Heorot showed the people of Horn Vale how to bind the riding animals' souls into their horns and then had all of the horns planted around Horn Hill. The spirits of the riding beasts are forced to ward the Vale from other plains beasts.

Horn Hill itself is surrounded by generations of these horns and no nomad raider has set foot on the hill in living memory. Many homesteads have a set of enchanted horns over the entranceway to protect the stead; all households that follow Heorot's cult have a set of riding beast horns, even if not enchanted.

Heorot's only temple is at Horn Hill in the Border Marches of Heortland. This temple is the only Orlanth temple still in the Marches now that most of the Barons are Aeolian.

Requirements: An Initiate must have Weapon at 15, and 10 in three of Awareness, Battle, Orate, Riding, Stealth, Weapon. He must also make a Valorous test and a Proud test.

Spirit Magic: Standard Orlanth the Warrior spirit magic.

Divine Magic: Standard Orlanth the Warrior divine magic and Horn-Binding.

Associated Cults: Drogarsi (demoralise), Elmal (reflection), Mastakos (teleportation), Odayla (sureshot).

Horn-Binding: 1 point, ritual, reusable, nonstackable
This ritual binds the spirit of a slain plains beast to its horns. The spirit will warn other plains animals what happened to it and they will not approach the horns. Praxians do not like this ritual and will attempt to destroy the horns and free the spirit.

June 8, 2000

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