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- By Wesley Quadros
and Ian Thomson
Thanks to Greg Stafford

Hardeye Flintnail

Hardeye Flintnail was an unusual Mostali, and did not follow his kin when they withdrew from contact with other races. He is believed to have taught many groups of humans the secrets of working with metals. When Flintnail came to this region with Pavis, he and his dwarf followers were closely involved with constructing the city whose ruins are now known as the 'Big Rubble'. Whilst senior dwarfs continue with centuries-old ceremonies in their hidden chambers, the majority of dwarfs seen in New Pavis are artisans of stone and metal. Thus, popular conception of the Flintnail Cult is that it is some harmless form of dwarf ancestor worship supporting only professional artisans. Dwarfs are so unusual in any case that few people even understand the rarity of such a style of worship amongst their kind, and only the most trusted dwarf-friends ever become aware of the other odd professions practiced within the tunnels under the ruins. Despite being a relatively minor cult, Flintnail is a powerful spirit in the local area.

Entry Requirements: To be one of the dwarfs of Pavis, or an invited human Initiate of Pavis.

Physical Skills: War Axe and Shield OR Hammer and Shield (Human cultists are not taught axe)

Mental Skills: Architectural Lore of Old Pavis (standard training for any dwarfs, but not for human cultists), Myths of Flintnail, Know Compass Direction within Old City

Affinities: Building Magic (Support Structure, Cut and Dress Stone, Shift Stonework, Camouflage Stonework, Collapse Stonework)
Command Earth and Stone (Summon/Command Earth Spirit, Animate Statue, Hide against Stone)
Shape Metal (Bend {metal}, Heat {metal}, Mould {metal}>, Strengthen {metal})

Secret: Technology (Dwarfs know the Lore of mechanics and combustion. Even the dumbest dwarf in the Cult of Flintnail knows how to point and fire a musket (although not necessarily well), how to build or repair a simple mechanism, and recognises the dangers and uses of incendiary devices. Those dwarfs who have mastered the secret may attempt to safely understand any mechanical item after appropriate examination, even one not of their own manufacture. The narrator will specify difficulty levels as appropriate.

Worshippers: All Pavic dwarfs, and their most valued human assistants.

Other Side: Flintnail's Workshop sits on the lip of his Quarry in Genert's Garden. After death his worshipers come to the Quarry where they work to help Flintnail complete his Great Project. Those that wish may return to the cycle and assist with the project from the mundane plane. From the Quarry worshipers may exit to Genert's Garden or Pavis' Palace.

Other Connections: All Flintnail Cultists are on good terms with the Pavis Cult.

Disadvantages: Most dwarfs have much of their time and energy restricted to secret projects within the dwarf underground complex. Those seen commonly above ground are in the minority.


For details of these, and other Pavic cults, keep your eyes open for an upcoming Tentacles Press release.

Inner Circle of Membership
Many members of the cult are members of an inner circle, secret to outsiders, which is forwarding the great works of Flintnail.

Related Cults

For details of these, and other Pavic cults, keep your eyes open for an upcoming Tentacles Press release.



June 23, 2000

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