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Fennoreth the Flying Girl

- by Chris Bell

An Orlanthi Subcult

As Vinga is said by some to be the feminine aspect of Orlanth Adventurous, Fennoreth the Flying Girl is the feminine aspect of Orlanth Thunderous. Sister to Orlanth but the junior of Brastalos, Fennoreth is a much more obscure subcult, now worshipped only by the Voroni Clan of the Kheldon in Sartar..

Physical Skills: Dance, Make Others Laugh

Virtues: Flirtatious

Affinities: The Skirt-Lifting Dance (Fly High, Dance on Wind, Dodge Airborne attacks, Cyclone Defence, Entrance Man)

Secret: The 7th Wind (Fennoreth shares the secret of her brother's secret 7th wind. This adds a bonus of ¼ the ability's rating to any use of the Storm affinity, and allows use of all Storm or Wind Magic at the abilities rating in circumstances where air magic can't normally be used, such as in certain underworlds or sections of the Godplane.)

Note: Fennoreth is treated as a subcult of Orlanth Thunderous, and all Fennoreth Initiates have access to other Orlanth Thunderous subcults and the aspect magic of Orlanth Thunderous. Initiates of Ernalda the Queen can also worship the Fennoreth subcult, but only gain the listed affinities. In the Voroni Clan, Fennoreth is usually worshipped alongside of Kero Fin, both as subcults of Ernalda the Queen, by the clan Chieftainness. However, some women initiate directly to Fennoreth and worship Orlanth Thunderous through her. While rare, the Storm Witches of the Voroni are treated with immense respect by those who know them.

Worship of Fenneroth, even by the Voroni is relatively rare in modern times. Usually, only the clan Chieftainess maintains her worship.

June 14, 2001

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