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Drum Thunder

- by Chris Bell

An Orlanthi Hero Cult

Mythos and History

Drum Thunder is a child of one of Orlanth's mightiest Daimones and one of Kyger Litorís Shades, specifically the Shade that carries the secrets of skinning the hide of Thed and turning Broo Skin into drums. As Drogarsi, Orlanth sought new musics in order to prepare for the contests with Yelm. As Vanorlanth, he spied old Kyger Litor making music on a hollowed-out log. "That's a good idea, Darkness Woman, but I can do better." He stretched one of his animal skins over the log, and it made a more pleasing sound. "I'm just visiting," said the old Darkness hag, "but this pleases me, and shall enable me to do powerful spirit work. While we'll fight in the future, and our children as well, this trick shows that there are other ways than light. The line between darkness and air is sound. Give your son to my daughter, and our child, the Drum, will be the echo of your old father."

Thus, was the pact made. The secret of Drum Thunder was presented to the scattered survivors of the Vingkotlings and helped those that remembered to live through the Chaos Age. Drum Thunder trolls come to the Orlanthi to worship Orlanth, who they call Sunkiller, and gain his powers against Solar enemies and Chaos. Uzko who do not wish to embrace the murderous violence of Zorak Zoran, yet wish for a time to be free of the yoke of the Mothers, worship Orlanth Adventurous and Thunderous as Drum Thunder. Hachrat Blowhard was the most famous Drum Thunder and a hero in his own right. Orlanthi wanting to learn the Uz powers over darkness and chaos can learn it from Drum Thunder.

Physical Skills: Drumming

Affinities: Drum Thunder (Scare Away Chaos, Signal Troll Friends, Skin Thed ritual)

Feats: Darksense

March 28, 2001

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